I SISSYnthia-sama, jobber of Sinnoh, humbly kneel to:

I SISSYnthia-sama, jobber of Sinnoh, humbly kneel to:

Satoshi-sama, Alola champion and my master.

Iris-sama, my one and only true love and other master.

Lance-sama, who I shall never become stronger than.

Diantha-sama, who I'm too afraid to fight

Dracovish-sama, who easily manhandled me with Strong Jaw.

Sifetch'd-sama, who anally raped me and first awakened my wish to become an analslut sissy.

Pikachu-sama, who was so strong that I was forced to use a cheap bitch move to defeat

Lucario-sama, who beat the shit out of me so hard I started being attracted to dogs almost as much as I am attracted to children.

Haxorus-sama, whose incomparabily forceful outrage crushed my garchomp's ass-womb entirely to the point she couldn't bear Lucario's children anymore

Leon-sama, whose power I am scared of (I hope he doesn't kill my beloved master, as I am too scared to help them...)

Dawn-sama, for she will viciously fuck me up with her 12 inch futa cock as punishment for losing

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Based and canon.

Cute and canon.

gigabased, provide us with the full source thank you

Least crazy leoncuck


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So this is the power of /dbs/pics... Not bad...

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kys dbspic

continue living /dbs/KING.

God I wish I was her

Weird seeing typical immasculating DBStard ranting applied to a female character.
You didn't even have to post joke art.

Nobody posted a pic from dbs.

All jobbers must be humiliated on sight regardless of gender, race, age, etc.

Do it

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i tried

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You forgot to cover the eye

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there we go

Perfect for shota rimjob

Hot and cute