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We need a screencap for this legendary day.


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She won...

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Well it's all downhill from here.

>Absolute Kino
>Bunch of little frames as a slideshow slapped together to scrap some more for the fight
>It just took focus away from the battle
>Battle parts were minimum
>Probably no retirement
What was the point?

Any screenshots of teen Cynthia?

How about no? Not everything needs to be made into a memecap and spammed everywhere.

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Man, i knew it would end this way, but as a Cynthiafag i'm still disappointed.

Include this in the screencap.

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>Base Garchomp
>2 moves

Bros... this doesn't feel like a win

>What was the point?


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The final clash of Gigazard vs Garde looks more hype and impressive than 30s of reused animations of Bullet Punch and Dragon Claw.
I thought Cynthia's getting all the budget?

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how THE FUCK is a champion battle 12 years in the making worse than a random episode team rocket fight

So why did Ash seem so shocked he won here and not against Steven as well?

There's nothing legendary about today.cynthia keks got humiliated but this victory feels kind of hollow because of how shitty the animation and direction was. They couldn't even be bothered to use an insert song for what should be one of Ash's biggest wins

>has emotional flashback
>still loses

You literally made that picture for the memecap you yourself are going to make. You are a disgrace.

Finishing D/P at last

Ash x Goh for lucky thread

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>>Probably no retirement

>bad animation
>no Paul cameo
>no Cynthia battle theme
>no OP/ED music like in the Steven battle
That battle was garbage, it didn't need to be 3 episodes

Owari da...

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>what should be one of Ash's biggest wins
that will be the next fight.

No flashy shit Draco Meteor like meteor or anything like that.
Shit's lame.

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Leave Ash and his credit card to me.

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>No reaction from Caitlin
>No cut-in to Dawn or Brock
>No Sinnoh shock faces
>Balls on Retirement dropped
Fucking hell. It's unreal the more you let the episode go through your head.

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>12 years in the making
Except it was not. They just remembered Cynthia this season after break for two gens. And they made this battle in like a month or two.

We didn't get Mega Garchomp, we didn't get good animation, we didn't get good music and we didn't even get Draco Meteor. The only good thing to come out of Cynthia's performance in this fight were Spiritomb and Togekiss.

Worst part for me is that with Leon vs Alain they had established that a mega could very well lose to a base if the base was sufficiently powerful. Garchomp could have put on a much bigger challenge even not going mega but ended up feeling like a shitter compared to Togekiss.

Because his pikachi didnt fucking faint and get back up.

Where are all the cynthiafags now?
Don't tell me they went to bed early wetting their pillow with tears before the ep even aired

I hated XY but because of Journey it's now my favorite series

>Sore Loser.
>Accomplished nothing.
>Still has the same team in the exact same state they were when they left the series.
>Only progression they have made is becoming stupider.
>Didn't even change their outfit.
>Koharu didn't even give a damn about them in the end, because Serena did their job better.
>Doesn't even know that Ash is competing in the PWC.
>Is a literal Penguin Taxi.
>Didn't even repay Cynthia for the Unova trip.

Pic related.

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>Probably no retirement
this is literally one of the worst "plot" I've ever seen, literally forced drama for NO REASON other than wank Ash and his retarded plot armor

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I've been telling you fags for ages when you were begging for a 6v6 that it doesn't magically make battles good but you never listened.

>Tyson gets a cameo
>Tobias doesn't
Fuck you JN

>First partner
>doesn't trust it enough to use a gimmick on her


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Cant feel good as an Ashfag
They made it clear without a massive aura asspull - he wouldnt have even beaten Togekiss

Cynthia is beastly.
Mega Chomp still undefeated^^

You can't tell me Cynthia being nerfed is still a cope at this point.

He is slow to process things after he focuses all his brain cells in BATTORU, did the same in Alola

They literally had to leave Garchomp with 2 moves for Ash to win kek

>for what should be one of Ash's biggest wins
cynthia is an irrelevant stepping stone, leon is what matters.

Is this slowly becoming the Cynthia Roast threads?

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Cant even shit on Ash after plot armor THAT obvious