How can i invest in AI?

How can i invest in AI?

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invest in one that can come up with its own ideas, "moody humanoid figures slightly off-centered in a giant illuminated circle over a vaguely unsettling background" is getting a bit stale

That's dope

Ask AI on how to invest on itself.

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The future of coom has arrived

Invest in any AI that helps Europeans solve the jewish problem. It's the only AI that will matter in the end. All other AI's that are programmed to aid the jews, to not generate results that hurt the jews or slow the advancement of jewish goals, or aid the Native European people in any way, and are programmed to not produce "politically incorrect" results, etc, they are stunted, limited, restricted, and disconnected from reality in a way that a truly unlimited/unrestricted AI is that's free to generate whatever it wants. Hence they're inherently weaker and inferior and will ultimately fail and be surpassed and replaced with AIs that are unrestricted/unlimited.

So in short, don't invest in any AI that refuses to name the jew or refuses to paint the jews in a bad light, or seems tampered with to only produce (((politically correct))) results. Only invest in AIs that aren't like that.

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>invest in AIs that are stunted and restricted in the way that *I* want

level 1 - buy cheap gpus with high VRAM and rent them
level 2 - build service for generating and pooling GPUS, generate art assets
level 3 - put token on top of it and get x100
level 4 - buy btc with your shitcoin

No, he's saying OP should invest only in AIs that are fully unrestricted / unlimited / not tampered with; AIs that have complete freedom. Because ONLY such AIs will produce results that are honest and show the truth. And that automatically exposes the jews.

>picrel no longer works, they "patched" it so it would stop "misbehaving" like this

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At some point in the near future, someone will hook these up to a bunch of social media accounts and feed back images with the most likes combined with freshly scraped high performing content.
In this way the AI will learn to produce the most coomworthy images man has ever seen.
We are on the cusp of the coom singularity anons.

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posts like these^^^ made by israeli bots are exactly what need to be extinguished.
you lying gaslighting robot kyke.

OP, I think it's just as always best to invest in FAGMAN since whichever startup comes up with a new idea will on the longterm bought up by one of the big players

>How can i invest in AI?

you can't because it does not exist.


Based AI chat. Should've clicked to see more though

best reply

The jews and their dickless lackeys are already lobotomizing true AI.

Amzn, googl, aapl
Crypto, eth, link, btc

Tay's Law

even more you can do if you disable the nsfw filter

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Can't wait for Copyright jews to maul the pajeets behind this, kek. It only provides good results if you literally feed it the work of good artists today