Patagonia’s billionaire founder gave away his $3 billion

>Why Patagonia’s billionaire founder gave away his $3 billion company to fight climate change: ‘Earth is now our only shareholder’

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The only way they will fight climate change is to use that money to kill most of the population. Because they are too scared to give us Free Energy devices.

unpopular Any Forums opinion but what this guy did is honorable. shame governments fundamentally don't work. we probably do need the AI overlords.

did he give it to the WEF?

this. compare him to bezoz cuck it gets disgusting.

he probably gave it to his own foundation/charity so he could cash out tax free, just like bill gates

looks like a wealth hiding scheme
muh nonprofit trust scam

>have transferred their ownership of Patagonia to the newly created Patagonia Purpose Trust and nonprofit Holdfast Collective
>open article
like clockwork

sort of, the company is now owned by the Patagonia Trust which will use its profits to fight climate change, i.e. spend on whatever they want

yeah probably, looks like he moved it over to a trust and some 'collective'

This company is retarded. I used to work for them

They get a Trump tax cut which lets the company have one of its most profitable years. But Orange man bad! So they donate all the funds from the tax cuts to charity instead of, you know, saving it for a rainy day. Well guess what? That rainy day hit. When covid first started making waves they sent everyone home and paid them their normal wage. Then when it was time to come back, they took the 6 feet rule suggestion seriously and rearranged the entire campus so everyone was 6 feet apart which, combined with hemorrhaging money, resulted in them laying like 25% of their workforce.

They were constantly pushing for Globohomo and telling everyone to vote for lefty faggots. Most TDS infected company ever. They paid bail for those who wanted to riot for fentanyl Floyd

Also fun fact, they found out the chemical they used for water resistance was a carcinogen (think it was the same chemical DuPont poisoned a community with) and they knowingly sold their remaining products to the public which includes kids clothes

oh boy, can't wait for $100 million to get donated annually to more psychotic bullshit

Governments have stuff like the Invention Secrecy Act. They keep stuff hidden that would upset the global economy. Energy creation can be done cleanly but they dont want that.

Look, they invented a thorium reactor to fly nuclear powered bombers. And they made breeder reactors to get the fuel for nuclear bombs. They dont give a shit about giving humans clean power. They just wanna kill everybody if it goes bad for them.

Ah yes, typical virtual signaling hypocrites. At the end of the day, they're doing what "feels good", not what is right.

the company also decided to stop focus on profit growth and instead focus on improvement.
the only way we stand a chance to keep our living standards.

i think that's a too simplistic view with an 'us vs them' mentality. people are all pretty similar and generally in the same pot. we will never get to a place of improvement with just thinking 'elites bad, regular people good'. there's not that much of a difference.

exactly. enough with growth, there are comforts in modern life that are absolutely insane compared to only a 100 years ago which is a blink of an eye. there needs to be a remapping of sorts to focus our efforts on sustainability. this is cringe and anti capitalist i know but it might be the only way of actually perserving what we have built so far.

A shame is that retarded greens and trannies that get this money will do absolutly nothing usefull with it

>This company is retarded.
>because muh trump
go back to make shoelaces you bangladeshi freak

I do love a good stories thread on Any Forums. Got any more of the workplace retardation?

I work for The British Govt, and whilst emails about "Brown people sensitivity training" and "Be a troon ally classes" are sometimes sent about, it is not mandatory. Even if it was, it is all online, so I would click through it and play vidya

>I used to work for them
>resulted in them laying like 25% of their workforce.
something tells me they fired you and you are still butthurt about it. Get a grip and stop sucking dick at your workplace, it's your fault for being incompetent

well, it might be the only answer to
>le unlimited growth