How are we feeling today Cynthiabros?

How are we feeling today Cynthiabros?

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She's going to lose, bro. She deserved better, but this is the Ashnime

Why didn't they kiss?

>end Dande's win streak
Why are they treating Leon like some dbz villain?

>She deserved better
She got to semis and lost against the better team.

>better team
Ash's Journey's team has some of the worst development out of any of his teams.

Pretty good, considering this is the non-canon promotional ashnime and she's still the strongest NPC in the games.

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I'm feeling hard(like Leon's cock)

Funny how you try to shift the team problems to "development" because you know this team is much stronger than the previous ones kek

She would get pwned by every shitmon in Colosseum.

the plot armor required to beat her BASE Chomp was a bit too much even for Ash

cope and seethe faggot

Pretty happy! Even the best lose sometimes and the show was pretty professional about it. Cynthia did not retire and I'm relieved. I'm very happy with all the shots of child Cynthia and all the awesome shots of adult cynthia. Cynthia is incredibly skilled, has abilities from all over the world, and now we know she's best friends with Diantha. Plus, this was a fight that mostly played out like a game fight. Ash got magic powers but I really hope that when the dust settles on this tournament, Lucario goes with Cynthia so she can learn the magic aura powers too.

Good fight, our favorite champion is still with us and more passionate than ever, and we have eaten very very well as Cynthia fans for the last month and a half. I hope it's not long until we see her again. See you in Paldea!

Because DBZspics are the only people who like Leon

Her losing with a very small margin to a jobber using a combination of [plot armor + protag privilege + mega gimmick + aura gimmick + 4th wall limitation + reversal] feels pretty good actually.

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Your idol lost you fucking pedo

They don't though. They are the biggest nostalgiafags.

This. Could have been worse.

i dont watch the ashnime

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May I add [lazy writing] to that combo too?

Most of them were even evolved when he caught them, so there's no real sense of progress or growth outside of maybe the Lucario and Farfetch'd without counting Pikachu, and it doesn't help that they're all bland as hell and just have copypasted personalities from either his past pokemon or no personalities at all. Plus giving him a fucking mutant dinofish should be illegal and morally questionable.
Who cares about strength? They're just lame.

Why do people even care if she loses to an anime-only jobber whose been given plot armor since Alola?

>muh plot armor
What an pathetic cope

I think I can speak for all Cynthiafans when I say, we kneel

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>People whining about Cynthia losing to Ash
>When she mostly unga bunga'd her way through and Garchomp took a literal Meteor strike to the face then losing to a well timed reversal

Ash literally used magic

Agreed! Pretty satisfying. All that and Ash barely won

Twenty-five more years!!!

No I prefer Shirona sorry. Feel free to throw this immediately into the white girl fetish stereotype even though she's Asian.

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Ash literally used plot armor

not an argument

Yeah it is. You're arguing against it right now.

replying to a statement doesn't make it an "argument" lurk more