Yep, I'm thinking kino is back on the menu for the first time since HGSS

Yep, I'm thinking kino is back on the menu for the first time since HGSS.

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inb4 Pokemon League is level scaled and most of the actual game is postgane

But your image says the game has no artificial blocks, meanwhile HGSS added an obscene amount of those to Johto with the annoying interruptions constantly and NPCs blocking your path to make sure you don't miss things that used to be optional in GSC.

isn't centro leaks the one that khu gives fake information to on purpose?

>the League in this game is a series of tests
I doubt you even use your own team, maybe not even battle.

FEARattata is back with a vengeance

i find that very hard to believe, what's the point of the gyms if this is the case?

What was the point of clearing out outposts and exploring in BOTW when everything you find is generic shit that will break in a few minutes, that you can spend to find more generic shit that will also break in a few minutes?
The answer is there is no point, it's consequence-less game design and Nintendo has been doing it arguably since they ruined the Paper Mario series with the same philosophy.

This one is fake. If there a three routes and you can skip one almost entirely them the story is going to be shit.

>series of tests
it's multiple choice, similar to the clown from dpp

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HGSS is the opposite of that though.

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If anything in this instance the gyms are more like the Divine Beasts, but those still had a tangible effect on gameplay, even if they weren't strictly required. If it really is possible to go straight to the League then I can only assume you're gonna miss out on some stuff by not doing the gyms. There has to be some kind of trade-off here, the gyms can't just be totally superfluous in this instance. There has to be a give and take.

dont even start, HGSS takes you through a couple of things, then you have lots of roaming ability. SWSH makes you stop every three seconds for fifteen minutes before you can even catch anything. just stop with this desparation it's truly pathetic.

Pokemon league is only one path though; you could skip right to the end (After presumably grinding like 80 levels on your own) and still have the other 2 left to do.

>catching tutorial is optional

>artificial blocks
What exactly is a non-artificial block? It's a video game, everything is artificial.

Are you guys stupid? Read the next tweet. One of the tests is "have all the gym badges"

yeah, and you didnt have to follow your rival and his brother around for fifteen minutes. your rival was an actual fucking rival in hgss not some sniveling hop clone

Fuck off centro

>artificial blocks
anything preventing the player from speed running the game in 3 minutes using glitches

Kaka said that you can challenge and even defeat the champion with zero badges, but you'll still get kicked out and won't get the champion rank until you get all 8 badges.

Keep in mind Centro is ESL. A better term I'd use is hard blocks.
Soft block = you can get past it but it's going to be very hard or nearly impossible until you get stronger, like a high level enemy in an early game area guarding a treasure
Hard block, which is what they meant in that tweet = something like an NPC standing in front of a door that can only be cleared after achieving some kind of plot trigger or getting a specific item.

Presumably it's a block that feels artificial rather than feeling natural and logical. It's the difference between progress being blocked by a tree you need to cut and progress being blocked by a bunch of guys dancing for no reason or a flock of Psyducks that need medicine or a thirsty security guard.