Early celebration thread

Fuck it. I am so sure about her win. Congratulation to our Queen for beating trAsh and his plot armor.

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Sick falseflag thread bro


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easy win for her. also the fact that they give his shitty pokemon now and not when he will hypothetically fight against Leon is a proof that he is gonna lose. trAsh won't be in the final.

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Isnt this thread a copy-paste of the Ash Kalos league win thread

the difference here is that Cynthia is going to win and not bottle it like trAsh.

>our queen
Sorry not mine because I'm not a mindless sheep

keep supporting trAsh then.

Yeah, I'm thinking the sticky will need to come extra early for this episode.

I don't support him either

>Cynthiatards are crazy and delusional
I'd say Cynthia won this time

keep crying

Yes, i'm crying in happiness because your dumb blond whore won as a loser

Although I want Ash to win, Shitrona's victory will at least make Me finally stop watching the ashnime (outside of the mandated tournament arcs) and move on to something else.

this doesn't make sense

whatever happens it won't change the fact that this anime is one of the worst piece of shit I have ever watch. shit animation, shitty story. I only watch it for the memes and the salt it would genarate whoever wins.

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Damn is this is the worst thing you’ve ever watched I’m envious of you.

going for sleep knowing very well that I would wake up with trAsh's crying images.

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Let's not act like Ashfags are some the most deranged and autistic fuckers on this board.

You need to go back.

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Quit following ME, rodent.

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