Theory: satoshi tajiri was killed

theory: satoshi tajiri was killed. that's why he never appears, his image nowadays is fully unknown, he lives in the shadows yet they keep crediting him in every game's credits as executive producer.
there's no recent pictures or videos of him, and those claimed to be recent are very weird and he looks young. He was killed for some secret plan in gamefreak's but they can't let the public know, hence they claim he's still there and alive. even his biography references nothing of his current self.
It's not true that he's an autist and neither that he didn't like to show himself in public when he took a lot of interviews at the times of red and blue. there's something cheesier about this story

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theory: satoshi tajiri was killed.

What would be the point of killing him?

Tajiri isn't dead, he's just a complete fucking shut-in autismo. He only ever made it outside to work on gens 1 and 2 because he had to. Now he's got a fat fucking bank account and is on the payroll forever, so he stays locked up in his home. Dude is probably just playing video games, spanking it to JAV porn on graph paper, and doing whatever the fuck else floats his boat living the eternal NEET life.

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that's not true, he created pokemon due to his passion of going outside and catching bugs like a normal child, and only stopped when they built jewish blocks in the area. That's when he got into videogames, but being outside as a child must've influenced him to be active
he made gamefreak with his gaming friends (ken sugimori etc)
he liked making interviews

he also finished school and even went to college for 2 years for a specialization
he doesn't like to stay inside
but now he's dead unfortunately for him

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theory: satoshi tajiri was killed.

theory: satoshi tajiri was killed.
theory: satoshi tajiri was killed.
theory: satoshi tajiri was killed.
theory: satoshi tajiri was killed.

It doesn't sit right with me either. Even if you bring up Japanese culture and respecting privacy. How do you make the world's biggest media ip and have nothing to say and share? And not get spotted at all by any fans? We don't even know if this guy has a wife and kids

We don't know anything about him, and he also made many interviews in the 90s, 2000s. Nothing of him to be found. He's disappeared

Another option is he killed himself similar to Shudo

But didn't he have a biography manga in 2018 or so

He did an interview regarding his thoughts about GO in 2016, you retarded pajeet child.
He runs Game Freak (as in operates the day-to-day affairs of the studio to allow the developers to make the games). That the studio's bigger than it's ever been in its history and he divested himself of Pokémon years ago, as by his own admission, he was better at ideas than implementing them (9 total years to develop 2 games, despite conceptualising the premise for what became the biggest kid's IP of all time), means he doesn't have, need or want to be getting interviewed about shit, it's irrelevant, when he appointed people to take on his previous roles.
Why must you disposable dipshits need to push your incel headcanons, because you're mad the kiddy game doesn't need to give a fuck for your worthless arses?

Yakuza hands typed this post.

doesn't explain anything of his current life, All 20+ years old shit and documents

>as in operates the day-to-day affairs of the studio to allow the developers to make the games)
h3adcanon. opinion invalidated

based intelligent investigator bro


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gayfreak probably killed him to be able to be lazy niggers and do with Pokémon the shit they are doing lol (I unironically can believe this)

>so much of a zoomer she has seen Stephen Universe but not Signs
whatever you say sweatie

I just think that most plausible version is that Tajiri fucked out of Pokemon due to how it became what he hates - symbol of commerce, modernity and progress. He's this kind of humble, Japanese otaku that is busy working on his doujin projects and otaku activities, too.
Pokemon is nothing like a small jrpg project made by bunch of people with passion and love for classic jrpgs and bug catching. It's not Tajiri's thing anymore.

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>"Waaaah! Why Japanese creators dont act exactly like American ones? This must be a conspiracy!"

He worked at many other games besides Pokemon, retard

Stupid Amerifats being totally ignorant of Japanese culture. Typical. Apparently Amerifats ignore that in many Japanese games in the past (mostly arcades) most developers were using nicknames instead of their full real names. Also Amerifats ignore that even for the most famous manga (and I dont talk about hentai manga) the creators use nicknames instead of real names and avoid making many public appearances.