Bug/Ghost mosquito line


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Does it succ souls?

Life force to be specific.

Frite and Exequito


>still no Wasp Pokemon

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Beedrill literally looks more like a wasp than a bee user


Grublood and Sanguito

nice bugs

Phantarva (Phantom Larva) and Culispecta (Culiseta Spectre)


You didn't ask for design advice, but can you make it "ghostier" somehow? Maybe making the blood reservoir like a glowing lantern or something?
I don't know, that's dumb but I just really like the concept, even though right now it feels like it's missing a little something, and looks too much like just a blue mosquito

Also this is for second stage specifically. First is already solid imo

Sure, I can do that


Stoked to see it
Are you working in a regional dex or anything?


Please, there are fucking 4 bug/steel types

Share em if you've got em sissy

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