There will NEVER be a Fighting/Electric type

There will NEVER be a Fighting/Electric type.

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Nope. I don't know what their aversion is to Fire/Grass, Fire/Water, or Fire/Ice either. Volcanion being legendary and Darmanitan being a forme kinda don't count. A few interesting types are locked behind legendary/forme shit.

Gen 10 for sure
They should also use electric dragon a bit more

We already have Fire/Grass and Electric/Fighting coming in gen 9 you fucking idiots.

Fakemon don't count, autist.

>It isn't a real Pokemon because I don't like it!

No, it isn't real because the leaks are bullshit and you're gullible for believing them. I swear you monkeys would believe anything if couched under the pretense of a "leak".

The same leaks literally predicted several confirmed Pokemon, including Ceruledge and Armarouge which were way too fucking obscure to predict randomly. They are confirmed. Cope.

>he honestly thinks there will be a Fire/Grass chili pepper Pokémon
And other fanart I made when I was eleven back during gen 2.

user, the thread was created for your very reaction.

>I was just pretending to be retarded! You got le trolled!
Sure thing chief.

>what is volcanion

See you on November 18

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He literally said Volcanion in his post, dipshit.

> it was a new IP
Okay newfsg. The OP pic should have clued you in

He does this every day user

that might honestly be even lamer than this thing being the first fire/ice

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>there will never be a light/sound type
>fairy will never be weak to bug
>Ash will retire from the anime and Goh will be the new protagonist

Dude this type of thread gets posted constantly lmao

>>there will never be a light/sound type
well, at least a water/electric based on mollusks or normal/electric based on christmas ornaments (ahem, regional comfey.)

they're saving those for new CHARIZARD forms.

Wigglytuff nurse, cure me with sexual healing!

>he doesn't know

What is with this communities obsessions with these fanfiction types? What does this game gain by adding two more fucking types that are covered by existing types?