Do you guys really hate Charizard?

Or are you just sick of Gamefreak shilling him and Gen 1 as a whole?

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>you just sick of Gamefreak shilling him and Gen 1 as a whole?

I never really cared about charizard, but I wouldn’t say I hate it. I just hate gamefreak treating it like the best thing in the world and gaslighting everyone into thinking it’s “le cool and stronk” by constantly shilling it

I was always a squirtle kid. Never liked him. Ash’s Charizard was an ungrateful faggot that ruined everything until orange islands (which I never watched).

Charizard wasn't in PLA and is not gonna be in SV yet it still makes the fanbase so angry. The real reason why it's hated by a vocal portion is because it's popular with the normie boogeyman

It's my favorite pokemon, but it needs some time out of the spotlight. It didn't help that Charizard cost Ash the league and then an "undefeated" Charizard became the champion's ace

>Charizard wasn't in PLA
because there was no PVP to shill it
>and is not gonna be in SV
prove it

otherwise it would be like onix or magmar to me. literally just there

>d-doesn't count!
Absolutely pathetic
According to leaks, it looks like the Kalos starters are gonna be in the game

Onix is awesome though

Never hated them. It’s just that there are Pokemon that I care more about then Charizard.

It's just Gen 1 Derangement Syndrome.
Any Forums has made several anti-Gen 1 threads today.

>t didn't help that Charizard cost Ash the league

normies still love Charizard and forgive it with the whole Johto League vs Gary

When I was a kid, yeah cool, dragon, spits fire.
Now I'm sick of him because of Gamefreak reminding us he exists in every new generation.

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Based Kyurem for killing that mutt.

>Or are you just sick of Gamefreak shilling him and Gen 1 as a whole?
Just this really. I fucking love Charizard and realistically speaking I would totally use him if I was isekai'd to the Pokemon world. But yeah, I get it Game Freak, Charizard is cool as fuck, please change the topic. And they did, at least for a little while.

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Charizard's my favorite 'mon, largely because he was my first ever starter. I stopped watching the anime around the Orange Islands arc, and stopped playing the games after Hoenn only to recently return for Sun/Moon (and have been backtracking to play the other games, so far only missing out on B/W and B2/W2) so I'm not as disenchanted with him as everyone else seems to be. I also really like his Mega Y form, which looks like it could have been a normal evolution for him, even though his other one seems to be the more popular one despite looking ridiculous and edgy.

I hate him because he's over shilled and because his fanbase is insufferable

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>shilling him and Gen 1 as a whole?
This, but I also just find CHARIZARDposting funny.

I never cared for it. Just looks like a generic cartoon dragon to me.
I was a Venusaur bro.

Charizard is cool. Him getting shilled repeatedly is not.