Why can't this unbelievable fatass put down the fork?

Why can't this unbelievable fatass put down the fork?

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You're projecting your own issues onto this character.


This is the coldest post I've seen in a Jasmine thread.

Allow me to heat things up for you, then

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sprites really were peak soul, you fucking hound poster.
she lives in the only city with a cafe in Johto.

Ignoring the fact that she's the opposite of a fatass, here are my headcannons in order from most likely to least likely.

1) She just likes food, lives near a cafe, probably gets a discount due to being a gym leader, and gets reasonable exercise walking up and down the lighthouse so the extra calories are welcome.

2Stress eating. She could have some sort of social anxiety judging by her stutters and pauses. But also look at the people she works with. The two other female gym leaders in Johto are Whitney (one letter from Whiney) and Clair (who should trade names with Karen) Imagine being a woman but the only female coworkers in your office are: a ditzy overemotional crybaby who calls you plain, and a conceited temperamental harpy with delusions of grandeur who dresses in an embarrassingly revealing outfit.

3)She could be insecure about her "flat level curve" and trying to gain weight in the in certain places (an insecurity which you could also blame on Whitney and Clair).

Don't be a pussy. Post the real image or gtfo.

10+ points for Gryffindor

ban baiting? you post the image.
Show (us) that you're not the pussy.

you'd eat a lot too if you had to deal with this undeserved bullying every other day

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very well. have your (you), you madman.

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Is Jasmine like the wagyu of people or something? Why the fuck are Houndoom constantly after HER specifically, I doubt she even has much meat on her.

The madman's gone and done it.
For me, it's shiny Houndoom.

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steel getting btfo by fire. And there are really only so many fire types that would go for her...

Now that I have your attention

What would you want to see in a fangame starring Jasmine? Apart from Jasmine obviously. And don't say guro, I'm not making a game where Jasmine gets fucking mauled and eaten.

Give her a Skarmory.
Simple as.

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Maybe some interactions with Erika, I´ve been waiting for Masters do some more between them, but all we have is the Celadon city conversation, and Jasmine saying she admires her in the pokecenter in Masters

What type of game would this be? I'm assuming it's be a slice of life type of thing so I'd like to see more about her duties at the lighthouse and interactions with the sailors at the harbor.

Seconding on this. I think its also implied that her Celesteela dress was inspired by Erika but I don't have any screenshot confirming that.

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We'll maybe if you stopped feeding her garbage her bottom would be firm ass steel

Jasmine as protagonist.
Beats up an occupied lighthouse. (by Team Rocket, or a bunch of drunk sailors, or whatever). It could be a gauntlet, where the lighthouse in this game is really tall. Or same size, but randomized.

Steelix rider. She's on top of Steelix and you steer it around water, and smash through obstacles. maybe there's two layers. ground objects that need to be avoided or destroyed with one button, and aerial obstacles that could knock Jasmine off. Low branches, or bird pokemon, that she has to dodge herself with another button.

danmaku. idk how it relates to Jasmine, but I enjoy the genre. And I wanted to pitch three game ideas but only really could come up with two.

Erika has like zero personality though. Even by the standards of the Gen 1/2 girls she's tabula fucking rasa. There's just nothing to work with there aside from a pretty face, and they all have pretty faces, they're fuckin anime girls

Some kind of visual novel dating sim thing, probably. What would her interactions with the sailors at the harbor be like? As a gym leader she's a sort of community leader, but your stereotypical seaman type probably isn't interested in hanging out with some shy waif. Also the stereotypical seaman probably thinks women are bad luck anyway. So, what, is she their boss? I don't remember much indication of her being, like, the harbormaster.