Post your underrated favs

Musharna is so cool and cute

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it has a cool noise

He's a cutie

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>probably gives great hugs
>omega mofu tail
>will go apeshit and destroy everything around it if someone hurts (You)
Ultimately it’s not the “coolest” pokemon but one would definitely be a great partner. Imagine if you befriended one when you were a youngster and it ended up being your partner for the rest of your life, they’d basically be like a third parent (grandparent?) to you

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he would be very nice to snuggle and pet, his fur is so thick and dense he can put berries in his fur to save for later

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my favorite OU pokemon

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weird how it has no relation to Drowzee and cant even breed with one

Needlessly hated.

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best defensive pokemon

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I love him

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It’s Sketch Gimmick fascinates me. I imagine that it paints a facsimile of the Pokémon it sketched the move from and that uses the move.
Also I have a headcannon that its wall paintings were granted life by Xatus powers and became Unown.

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CHILLARMY he’s just so cute and cuddly perfect shouldermon

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does torterra count as underrated?

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