SV will be the best Pokémon game

SV will be the best Pokémon game

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>Inb4 people seethe at this mechanic because their Pokemon killed a shiny

>All the Pokemon I love are confirmed in save for one thus far
>Even got a new favorite in the form of Ceruledge
This but unironically.

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i don't think the game will even tell us know if mons they KO'd were shinies

automatic bullshit isn't a mechanic, you stupid dumb ass poketard

>Leave the game grinding level 5 mons
>come back after 3 hours
>shit's level 25
>game absolutely broken
enjoy, retards

You act like Pokemon games have ever had any level of difficulty whatsoever.

>do raids
>get candy
>use all them
>game broken
Or you know, you could not be an autistic cunt and not do something like that, but seeing as how you're pitching a fit over removing grinding, feels like you're just pissed they made it easy for retards like you.

They did when he was 5 and didn't know jack shit about pokémon user. That's his point, he wants them to be as hard as they were when he was 5.

>Implying literally anyone plays pokemon for a challenging turn-based rpg metagame experience
When will this meme end. You are actively being designed against and the games sell every time. Time to let go

Do you know where you are? Did you get lost on the way to Any Forums or something?

I have to question how fucking dumb he is then. I started in gen 2 when I was 5 and I never once struggled with anything and all I used was my fucking starter.

That's good because I am now free from buying any new games :)

Good. Shinies are too common anyways, people should have to suffer a little.

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I like how you're acting as if this means anything. You not buying the games isn't going to impact anyone negatively, especially not Gamefreak. Go play something else man, nobody cares.

"Let go" also means "stop being so invested in the brand, the merest change sends you running to the online world to bitch, cry and whine about it" though. So, you really gonna sling your hook, or you gonna continue proving you're always going to be a retarded little manchild?

Sorry but you won't have a safe space to suck Gf cock.

I'm not sucking anyone's cock. I hate Gamefreak. I passed on SWSH because my favorites weren't in it and I'll be buying SV because my favorites are in it. Simple as. When they make a product I personally want, I buy it. Otherwise I don't. This absurd war you're raising against a brand and the brand loyalists is honestly fucking embarrassing. Do you really have nothing better to do with your time? If you don't want the games, then don't buy the games.

>a mechanic isn't a mechanic

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You don't appear to understand the definition of "game mechanic". Just because you hate it doesn't mean it isn't one.

Because retards like you that buy it anyways, ruined everything. You deserve nothing but hate, and to be mocked.

You apparently didn't even read my post. Oh well, I can see I'm wasting my time. Continue your endless screaming into a void then, maybe one day you'll realize you're just wasting your time too and go do something better with it.

So, you choose "retarded manchild, crying that devs of a kid's game aren't making their kid's game for adults". Way to subvert expectations there, Champ.

I read your post. The game still has cut features and shit that is awful, yet "i buy it because it has my favs" is a stupid as fuck reason. go fuck yourself, faggot.

Beats the "shit eating manchild, buys the game despite it being shit"

Not him but the difference here is that the "shit eating manchild" is enjoying himself while you sit on the internet day after day endlessly seething about it.

>buys the game despite it being shit
I think you missed my point here . I'm saying that the reason you like the games is not a feature of the franchise. It's something you became obsessed with that appeals to a minority. If I were to, say, go on a Final Fantasy forum and complain that the games don't have enough rhythm minigames in them, those people would be justified in asking why I come to a series where that is not the draw and then get angry when it's not there. I've said it once, I'll say it a million times, no one cares about the battling, no one wants to have to try at it. You can be mad as you like about it but that ain't what the series is for.

user, you had lost ANY hope of making any kind of statement, the JIFFY the brand hit US stores and took off. Understand? You never had any agency regarding the direction of the brand, as kids everywhere were already buying in heavily and those with younger siblings pozzed them, which helped propagate the brand further.
People AVOIDED the GBA like the plague, Pokémon still sold 16m copies and took the top three spots for overall system sales. When you get that kind of response, despite the system underperforming elsewise, you don't need to listen to the squeakers - you don't need to change to satisfy them.

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But I enjoy it here, and also my job is about sitting in a chair all day while charging people. So why should I stop?

everything is hopeless, so let's add fuel to the fire, right
Yeah nothing i like is what the series is for, it is all about you
Hopefully later they remove shit you like, so you can suck a fucking fat dick, too. Faggot.

>nothing I like is what the series is for, it is all about you
Numbers don't lie user

Because you could do something more productive than pissing and shitting that a literal children's game won't pander to you. I get that you're this invested because you really love Pokemon and you're upset with the direction things are going, but there's nothing stopping you from enjoying the games you already love. Nobody is forcing you to like the new ones or spend money on them, and you complaining isn't going to change things. Especially considering that nobody from Gamefreak comes to fucking Any Forums of all places. Why instead of complaining to random user you try doing something that could actually tilt things in your favor? Write articles, make YouTube videos, learn Japanese and complain to Gamefreak employees on Twitter. If you want Pokemon games to be fun for you again, bitching at random people who enjoy them as they are isn't going to get you there. Especially considering you're not going to change anyone's mind this way.