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Is this real? Whats his moveset and ability?

>he doesn't know


Fourth for diabetic luxurino.

Any romhacks besides Double Emerald 386 that are designed around most battles being double battles?

the realidea system devs sure do hate charizard from KANTOOOOO don't they
I wasn't sure after the first six times they said it ingame but I think as of the 12th I'm leaning more toward yes

Are we gonna talk about games this thread?

Anybody got backups of bo4p5687's scripts? that sperg nuked everything

Rematch teams will feature pokemon introduced in the Sevii Islands. In this case that's Pallosand and Drifblim, both of which are native to the region but not Kanto.

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Asked this in the last thread but it died so I'll try again.

This is an exceptionally autistic question, but this is Any Forums after all.

Does anyone know how to change the font Pokemon Realidea System uses? The current font has a few of the letters placed higher than the others which is really annoying to read. See pic related.

I don't care if it's the same font with the letters fixed or a different font, I just want to solve the issue

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Firered advanced challenge

How do these dex entries sound?

Beetwig - Despite its small size, it can lift object up to 350 times its own weight with its horn. It feeds on tree sap and nectar.

Treetle - Its wooden exoskeleton is harder than steel. In order to keep it in shape, it munches on dirt with rich minerals.

Mekarab - While forminable in appearance, it has a kind disposition. When threatened, it will charge at the foe with tremendous strength.

Igniby: Due to its hot-blooded nature, it is very eager to battle foes. It will never give up a fight, no matter how beaten down.

Lizaktric - It thrives for a challenge. When in a pinch, its fire and electric abilities increases tenfold as its feathers and body patterns glow.

Flaraptor - To keeps its powers in check, it often searches for powerful opponents. Because of its proud disposition, it will never fight a foe weaker than itself.

Aquool - Since its wool is water-absorbent, using water attacks against it will double it in volume. Squeezing it will leak the water out.

Baabble - It attacks by throwing pieces of its wool at the enemy. It will then shoot water at the wool pieces to slow them down.

Sheefoam - Using the crystals on its chest and palms, it will create a barrage of bubbles to strike the enemy. It puts flocks of Aquool and Baabble under its care.

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Why a Stantler, of all things?

Started on Eternal Order.
I like the speedup mode but the level curve seems a bit steep, i just have 5 pokemon before the first gym and feels i have to grind constantly to match random trainers level.

all i want to do is take the sprites from pokemon infinite fusion and put them in a non dogshit game, why are there so few good guides

I like them, however for Beetwig it should be 'objects'. Reads like mainline dex entries which is good

Pretty good design. The lake might be a bit too big, but everything else in all 3 is just the right size.

Feels vaguely ghost type. Gets Shadow Ball and Extrasensory. It's also one of the new additions to Kanto.

You might notice the lack of pokemon like Rhypherior and Magmortar, that's because those are not being added until the Sevii Islands expansion. Tangrowth as well.

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