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>PM2019 125 - The Semifinals IV: Impact (September 16th)

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>PM2019 126 - Go for Dream! Go's Road to Mew!! (September 23rd)
>PM2019 127 - Go and Aceburn! The Place Where It All Began!! (September 30th)

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>M23: Coco
nyaa.si/view/1418317 (1080p)
nyaa.si/view/1418316 (720p)

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Iris won

Ash won


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Would you have given him a chance?

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Its time lads are we ready for what's to come tomorrow?

>people actually believed that post
This is funny, Cynthia will be defeated, but I really doubt the back pain meme will happen

The dream team that brought Cynthia to her knees.

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>Cynthia to her knees
Jobcario's gonna be the only one on their knees.

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HIS Franchise

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I am a massive cynthia fag, like a massive one and I am pretty down about the fact I think its over

>1 day left

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I predict that Cynthia will forfeit early because she wants to take care of her Garchomp who is currently suffering from a career-ending injury. So basically Cynthia gets to remain 3rd place while keeping people guessing that she could have been number 1 and defeated both Ash and Leon had Garchomp been in a better condition.

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literally ETA 12 hours bros

Greninja won

Imagine if Garchomp ever learnt dragon dance in anything, even the anime.

We never got the move return either.
Imagine Pikachu using that...

Return instead of iron tail would make more sense, just have him still hit them with the tail

Fucking journiggers ruined padt
Look at this shit
4 out of 5 posts are shitposting

They need to retcon this whole series it is not even a joke bro

more ready than ever

to be honest i'm surprised by the shitshow
like, wasn't this a foregone conclusion? i thought cynthiafags and gamefags would've made their peace with it already months ago.

Thing is that, dear user, Cynthiafags are a bunch of deranged schizos

Wait how the fuck did moot see corocoro multiple days early? He described it perfectly. I thought the fag was just making everything up??

You love to see it. Their shitty series have equally shitty threads. Meanwhile the best series (the one they always seethe about so much) will always be remembered as the golden age of /padt/.

Stop samefagging, you fucking attention seeking negroid whore.

>negroid whore