So their names are Black and White? Who's Black and who's White?

So their names are Black and White? Who's Black and who's White?

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They called the games black and white to promote kike racemixtures. Although america has no actual whites

I'd guess Hilda is White and Hilbert is Black based on the ratio of those colors in their outfits. Plus, white and femininity are associated with yin, and black and masculinity are associated with yang, and the Japanese devs would be very familiar with that dynamic.

I fucked that up. Yin/female is black, and yang/male is white. So the opposite could be the opposite. Damn.

No, their names are Touya and Touko or Hilbert and Hilda.


Love Hilda

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Opposites makes sense since black has reshiram on cover and vice versa

White = White
Black = Black

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Hilda is White and Hilbert is Black.
Anyhow, Hilberta a cute and a best

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This is the perfect couple: Black Male White Female

Agreed. Hilbert and Hilda are my OTP.

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>gen 5 remakes will actually make black black
within the next 5 years legends will be made

Yes. and it's cute and canon.

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What the probable cause is this?

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