How did this happen?

how did this happen?

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never forget what they took from you.

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I fucking hate them

so i am assuming you were in favour of them being locked being pre-order bonuses for BDSP?

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Gen 5-6 did not even have them for some bizarre reason. Gen 7 let you have 1 of each per playthrough, similar to SWSH, but SWSH decided to slap us in the face with the cram o matic and farming league rematches. Why? Can someone explain this to me? It's just a damn apriball, just let us farm the damn thing why is it made so artificially scarce? I am genuinely consused. How will we be cucked in SV?

didn't you have to pay actual money to access this? what the fuck is game freak's problem? then they get pissed when you save-edit

SV is going to do dumb shit like this too isn't it

>SV is going to do dumb shit like this too isn't it
most likely
>didn't you have to pay actual money to access this? what the fuck is game freak's problem? then they get pissed when you save-edit
you had to either pre-order the double pack from amazon (which was sold out quickly so scalpers could turn around and sell it for 200 on ebay to the slowpokes), or you had to buy a code from someone who had a code, which were being sold for like 10 bucks or something per code.

>what the fuck is game freak's problem?
i am trying to figure this out. i am wondering what exactly is the mentality that they have that justifies stuff like this
>then they get pissed when you save-edit
i am just grateful that there are people who do so that they can generate more of these items and help people obtain them because apparently game freak wants to keep the stuff away form us from some reason? are they threatened by pokemon bred perfectly? they want a bunch of ugly ultra ball pokemon proliferating surprise trade instead of aprimon HA breedjects with good IVs? indeed what the fuck is their problem?

I guess GameFreak got sick of people constantly asking for the Game Corner to return and decided to prove to us that we don't actually want to gamble after all.

this makes sense for the extreme odds they gave and it is really not cool that they removed the game corner, but why punish the players by making it nearly impossible to obtain certain items which are known to be extremely popular among players?

The slot machine didn't prompt you to save with every use.

Why are they so fucking rare!?
The balls aren't even that good

shitting fuck
you can't even save-scum?

i personally think that the people at the top of game freak are just straight up sadists. i mean, why would you consistently take stuff away from the fans? it's obviously just to rub in their face that the fans do not actually matter. it would be trivially easy to create a system like kurt from gen 2,4 but noooooo, let's just remove content for [insert asinine reason meant to scapegoat the target], it sucks enjoying pokemon because you just put up with this shit. that's why i would like to stop playing in the near future. i am trying to decide where i stop spending any money, as i am getting close to that point, since my money is just too valuable to waste on things like a yearly subscription just to have access to my mons.

i am also pretty pissed that if i get a second switch even though i already paid for an expansion pass on my one switch, i would have to buy it again and get another switch online account just to use my cartidges i already bouthgt to pay 30 dollars to download DLC again. im seriously pissed about that part, and am tempted to wait to buy physical violet scarlet that includes the DLC on the physical cart.

I hate the fact that they did this with the apricorn balls but they should add more balls in general if they want to do this and the Beast Ball and Dream Ball being like this too kind of is a good idea, along with the Safari Ball and Sport Ball since you could never get those for use anywhere.

i agree. the functionality should be expanded. i want what you described, farmable, in game, plus i want the gen 4 custom ball stuff like we got in bdsp. i want my opponent to know i painstakingly raised my pokemon in a special ball with perfect IVs etc. although soon they will probably remove those too...

Nope. The Carmorant machine makes you save before using it.

Least I got all the Alcremie sweets out of this

>The balls aren't even that good
Heavy Balls are the best ones for hunting some legendaries, Level Balls and Friend Balls are good for Dex completion, the latter for Friendship evolutions.
The rest of them are only for Balltism purposes.