Iris and IrisGODS got the last laugh

Iris and IrisGODS got the last laugh

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Holy shit she lost. Get over it.

Yeah we know, Cynthia lost. Hopefully they get over it.

How would Irischizos cope if Ash jobbed to Cynthia?

Iris should be more focused on training bras than training Pokémon

>Holy shit she lost. Get over it.
irispedos get the rope

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Free escape rope? Be my guest.

God I want to devour Cynthia's ass.

Dark skin is hotter

'B-but Cynthia h-had to use Mega!' At one point that damn Haxorus used Outrage and all Garchomp had to do to repeal it was to bitch-slap it.

>'B-but Cynthia h-had to use Mega!'
Correct. She's a bad trainer that relies on a Kalos gimmick lol

Everyone in Masters 8 use at least one gimmick. No one prevented your brown loli from using one. Maybe then you could pretend that battle was even remotely close or that she ever stood a chance of winning.

Iris wins if Cynthia didnt cheat with her gimmick lol

That Haxorus had one foot in the grave at the end of the match while Garchomp looked undamaged. Jobris never stood a chance.

Without the Kalos gimmick, Iris wins. Simple as.

As we established, she does not. Hence she's not in the semi-finals.

Why is Cynthia's ass so big, did she eat too much ice cream.

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What a wrong image
Iris clearly would obviously wear white panties

>IrisGODS won!
>Because Shillcario, while using triple gimmick (Mega, Aura from Ash, Aura from Frog), defeated base Garchomp by the skin of his teeth!
>And the Garchomp with her moveset nerfed and one moveslot wasted!