Less than 24 hours remain before all hell breaks loose

Place your bets people. Who’s side are you on?

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Chadtoshi obviously

the real winners are us who will watch as the fire burns from a safe distance

Does it matter? The entire battle has been a huge flop. It was all bark and no bite. It failed to deliver on every level.

Leon being the clear endgame for Ash killed any suspense and excitement. I'm more excited about the reason why Cynthia wants to retire than the actual battle.

I'm a Cynthiafag, but Ash is obviously going to win this, the plot requires it.
Guess it's the price to pay for being literally the strongest NPC so far in the games.

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we already know Cynthia loses lmao

the only question is - how many Lucario power-ups before it can beat Base Chomp?


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The cheater will win.

She can't use her cheater gimmick, so Iris won

>psychically linking herself to her dwagons to maximise their power unnaturally
>not a fucking gimmick
Cheaters get what they fucking deserve, competition rules only allowed bangle gimmicks, not psychic ones. Hell, she even proved it was a gimmick, wasting it on Ash's Dragonite, then being unable to use it on her own on the next turn.


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An Eevee Singularity will stop the match and swallow Ash and his Pikachu, ending the anime forever.

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I’m literally a 30 year old boomer and I can vividly remember battling her and getting all my Pokémon wiped one by one when she had her Garchomp out
She may not be this tournament’s champion, but she is my champion
Thank you Cythina for making Gen 4 the peak of the series

Iris won
Shitroona lost

holy based

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being a good trainer and building a rapport with your mons is not a gimmick, it's just good fundamentals (something gimmickthia cucks know nothing about)

cope, irisTRASH
the snowflake power-up still lost

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Shitroona has to rely on a gimmick from another region lol
Iris battles with just sheer will and tenacity

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At what time the episode airs? Are there places that livestream it?

Could you imagine if Ash jobbed to Cynthia?

39 next week,, she didn't wipe me, but she WAS the first time a champion battle wasn't a two-shot as even though I hit her hard, she retaliated hard.
Hearing she actually had flawless IV'mons also implied not only was she strong, she was an expert breeder on top.