What rules do you follow when deciding your team?

What rules do you follow when deciding your team?

for me it's no type overlap, a mix of both special and physical attackers, at least one mon who doesn't evolve, no using other prominent characters signature pokemon, no pokemon overlap whatsoever with your main rival and the champion and of course all pokemon must be new pokemon if it's your first playthrough

i have broken some of these rules of course especially the prominent character one for example in gen 6 I would be okay using Gogoat even though it's Ramos's signature mon but not okay using Lucario because Korrina felt bigger than the average gym leader

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>for me it's no type overlap
I gave up on that when Legends introduced three new Normal types that I really wanted to use. Now I'm fine with repeating types as long as they don't have the same type combo.

i don't mind overlapping water types since they are so versatile

I run two Pokemon only. Otherwise, the games are too easy. I ditch my starter once I find the P okemon I want. One only if it's gen 6.

They all have to be male. Everything else is secondary.

i had this happen on accident on my leaf green playthough

no type overlap
no pokemon overlap
no legendaries
3 males 3 females
(optional) fire-water-grass when convienient

no type overlap
no single-stage pokemon
no single-type pokemon
no hm-slave
no legendaries
keep starter if possible
no males, genderless is fine

I usually follow this pattern:
- The pokemon I want to play. Decided before starting a new game
- A mixed wall
- A second defensive backbone to cover the mixed wall's type weaknesses
- A fast and strong breaker with good STABs & coverage (bonus points if U-turn/Volt switch
- A 2nd offensive mon with a bit of support abilities if possible
- The free slot for if I find a pokemon randomly and decide that I want to play it

picrel is my current team for Blaze Black 2 Redux, which follows the pattern.
- I wanted to play Clefable before starting
- I found mandibuzz in an overworld encounter and wanted to play it. She's my mixed wall with a good dual typing, and also has access to U-turn
- Swampert is my 2nd defensive backbone and covers the Electric and Rock weakness of Mandibuzz + I need Surf/Waterfall
- Archeops is my fast & strong breaker + has access to U-turn
- I found a shiny budew and figured she would work as my 2nd attacker + she comes with spikes and tspikes for support
- For the free slot, I did the Victini event and figured I would do a lil bit of soft resetting to get a shiny Victini

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two i never see mentioned but have caused me varying levels of ocd based distress in the past are
no similar colored mons
no repeating ball types
these are both pretty hard to avoid in kanto, i recently replayed firered and ended up with reddish orange mons, one of which was a goldeen i caught in the safari zone... and then realized i planned to have rhydon as well, but the goldeen had incredible ivs, so i just tried to deal with them both being in the safari ball.

i also dislike having overlapping moves, but some of the movepools in old games are so shit its impractical to adhere to this one. type overlap is fine as long as their learnsets are different enough, gender doesnt bother me but i do tend to prefer males since its always been considered gender neutral in my mind, whereas females im forced to think of as having overtly feminine facial features (like a lot of cartoons would do to make sure you knew one otherwise neutral character was a girl) which becomes annoying if the design clashes with that

why similar colors doe

forgot to say the number; 4 reddish orange mons. i dont know but it just seems visually imbalanced when there isnt more of a variety. its less of an issue if the mon has 2 or more main colors, but having a team of 3 or more where the overall color is similar, its just not mentally stimulating and makes the party feel incomplete

-Pokémon from the regions only
-No type overlap
-Has to be able to achieve final Evo, so no Scyther in Gen 1. Etc.
-Starter based on who it makes the most sense for the rival to have, using said Starter sometimes optional
-Try to incorporate a region evil team Mon into my team, for example in ORAS I used Camerupt and Sharpedo
-Gender matters if a Mon looks feminine, it will be female and vice-versa, for example, Espeon female, Umbreon male
-The region Psuedo-legendary will be on my team
-No legendary or mythic.

So, to use ORAS again, my latest canon run team was Sceptile, Camerupt, Sharpedo, Glalie, Metagross, Salamence

Used to do this. Was told they were stronger

from bulbapedia:

"In Generation II, a Pokémon's gender is determined based solely on its physical Attack IV when compared to its gender ratio. A Pokémon is female if its physical Attack IV is less than or equal to its species' gender ratio, otherwise it is male. For species that are exclusively one gender or gender unknown, the calculation based on the physical Attack IV is ignored.

Due to this calculation, it is impossible to obtain a female Pokémon with high physical Attack, unless the Pokémon is a member of an all-female species like Jynx or Chansey. Starter Pokémon and others with a gender ratio of seven males to one female suffer the most, with the maximum physical Attack IV for a female Pokémon of those species being 1."

so it was indeed true, at least for a single generation

Based Gamefreak.

For me it’s
>No type overlaps (Unless they don’t share any weaknesses like Gastrodon and Torterra for example)
>All mons must either be dual type, monotype or 3 of each. There cannot be an imbalance.
>All mons caught in a pokeball (obv)
And the biggest one that causes me the most trouble, and I never really see anyone else mention
>All team members must be caught at roughly evenly spaced points in the story. For example, my team is typically made up of starter, pre gym 1 catch, pre gym 2 catch, pre gym 3 catch, pre gym 4 catch, and pre gym 5 catch. Also, ideally the levels I catch my mons at should form a nice pattern. Like in my latest silver run the caught levels were 3, 5 (starter), 10, 13, 15, 20.
And before you ask, yes, I have OCD.

I put it in the team If it looks cool, do damages and is fast

Oh yea, also only using mons that are native to the region and gender needs to feel fitting, so basically always male unless it seems reasonably feminine

>all mons in a pokeball
Based on the thread, more common than I'd ever have thought. Was dead certain I was the only person who'd care about that. I have OCPD.


Four team members, HM slaves acceptable but can’t battle with them.
No type overlap by the final stage.
No repeats, including across separate playthroughs.
No legendaries or in-game trades.
All caught fairly early into the game.

I treat them more like a guideline than a hard ruleset though, given that I’ve broken each of them at least once over the years.

I did this as a kid because I liked blue, unless a specific pokemon looked girly enough, in that case I would go and get a female (Garde, Vaporeon, etc)

im ok with a bit of type overlap but obviously try to get good coverage
i like to have an equal amount of physical and special attackers
and most importantly i try to always use pokemon i havent used before

Each one must be fappable
No pokemon may share the same fetish