Gen 10 releases

>gen 10 releases
>the new gimmick is "awakening"
>all of the pokemons available abilities are active for the rest of the fight or until fainting
>if they only have one ability they're simply a bad option to use this power up on
Is it broken?
Pic unrelated

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>speed boost tinted lens yanmega

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Yes. It literally favors Pokemon that already get good abilities and makes Pokémon without good abilities even more worthless.

As if GF gives a fuck about that

>Damp/Dry Skin parasect
>Hustle/Entrainment Durant
>Prankster/Stall Sableye

Literal and figurative contradictions.

>Intimidate + Moxie Gyarados
>Intimidate + Moxie Salamence

Those DD sweeps will be crazy

you're right, those would be scary.
it'd be a shame if magic guard + unaware + cute charm clefable stepped in.

>moxie + guts + swarm heracross

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Man, even with swarm I don't think I could justify running a bug type attack, especially when it's megamiss.

It's hard to justify bug (the worst attacking type) over close combat, earthquake, knock off, facade (with flame orb obviously), or even stone edge. If you are fighting psychic types, you have knock off and don't need bug, if you are fighting dark types, you have close combat, and pretty much no grass type threatens heracross so it's not going to lose whatever you use.

>technician + poison heal + effect spore

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>gorilla tactics zen mode

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>sand rush strong jaw dracovish

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>insomnia + vital spirit Delibird

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>A bulky fairy type that is immune to passive damage, immune to stat boosts, and charms you when you attack it

Not really bulky.

Would Bronzong be legitimately good? Immune to ground and resists fire? Or is knock off too prevalent that who the fuck cares?

Instant anything goes ban

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>double speed
>30% boost to its stab
>mold breaks your levitate, unaware, etc
cant stop the mole baby

Mole mind

>guts sheer force iron fist

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Would a pokemon with plus and minus activate both on itself?

Fuck, your post reminded me that OP's gimmick would give gameboy fissure machamps access to no guard

>Solar Power Blaze Charizard
>Grassy Surge Overgrow Rillaboom
>Rain Dish Drizzle Pelipper
>Guts No Guard Machamp
>Guts Quick Feet Ursaring
>Guts Scrappy Swellow
>Guts Sheer Force Iron Fist Conkeldurr
>Reckless Guts Defiant Obstagoon
Then on the other hand
>Neutralizing Gas Weezing at all
>Immunity Toxic Boost Zangoose
>Rivalry Nidos/Haxorus
It would be very fun honestly
Lets say yes because that's cool
It would be pretty good. Also apparently Bronzong is the only line with Levitate and other abilities as well.

presumably yes, though that combination is unfortunately only available to klinklang who cant make much use of it.

if the pokemon has the same ability in multiple slots, does it get that ability multiple times?
like, would kartana get +3 off a kill because it has beast boost in every slot?

>the literal equivalent Huge Power just for special atk
>on a mon that can only use electric/steel/normal type moves
>built to be a physical attacker anyway
This shit just aint fair...

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