He thinks "Paradox Pokémon" are real

>he thinks "Paradox Pokémon" are real
If I said female trainers had clothing damage and you got achievements for stripping them naked, would you believe me if I couched it under the pretext of a leak? You've all been fooled. A feature this huge would have been showcased in a trailer by now.

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>leakers actually proven to have legitimate information
>but as they haven't marketed everything at the start, smooth brains think they're vaporware
Koraidon/Miraidon and Cyclizar prove they do exist dipshit. Cyclizar and Koraidon cannot exist at the same time, without some kind of time-fuckery as Cyclizar lived alongside humans since ancient times.
Now, if a Cyclizar got somehow catapulted backwards in time, adapted to the new ecosystem it found itself in, then got rubberbanded back to its initial starting era, that would explain the paradox of having a pokémmon evolve from Cyclizar without actually evolving from the species.

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It evolves in either direction with an item. Wow, much complicated, such lore.

just like how carbink evolves into diancie
>captcha: S8PNG
what did he mean by this

Lying to this extent would do nothing but harm their reputations, it makes no sense. Even if it was a lie they'd still have the rest of the Pokedex leaked. Fake leaks usually have a bit of truth sprinkled in with the fake shit, but here the truth to fake shit ratio would be way off. There's no good reason to assume they're lying about anything to that degree, it would only end up hurting them in the long run.

You make it sound like they've built a brand on leaking. They're not being paid to do so and, honestly, are risking legal action. They could abandon the leak game at any time without consequence.


Only fucking braindead mouthbreathers could still believe paradox Pokemon would exist alongside regional forms and tera without being officially announced already

I'm not seeing the difference between so-called "Paradox Pokémon" and regional formes. It seems more like a lore distinction than a mechanical one.

I'm going to screencap every schizo that says paradoxes/rfakes aren't real so I can laugh when they get revealed in a month or two.

>Act like they have built a brand on leaking
Considering there's just like 3-4 very well known ones that everyone mentions i would say yes

And if we're right and you're wrong, you'll post a video on twitter of yourself committing seppuku, right?

no because it won't happen.

For Sun and Moon, Ultra Beasts were only revealed about a month and a half prior to launch, so we should be seeing something about Paradox mons in the next trailer unless they want them to be completely secret, which would be stupid.

the problem is SM spoiled way more in general than the marketing for this game is. My guess is that their existence will be teased in the very last trailer in November but they won't explicitly show any of them.

Stupid to conceal an awesome feature that players have to discover of their own volition? That would be fucking awesome, and exactly like how video games ought to be - how they USED to be.

They're version exclusives so an October trailer is most likely since November ones don't really reveal anything new

Yeah but how are they supposed to sell Vampire Jigglypuff plushes if they don't shill it before launch?

Aren't paradox Pokemon just regional formes?

has it been explained how they work? can you evolve a phanpy into a paradox donphan?

They finally learned how to make propper marketing

According to the leakers, they're essentailly legendary pokemon that look like preexisting pokemon, with stat and type changes.