She's a big girl

She's a big girl

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Was this some AR thing since its in go now


More of a promotion in a style of an AR thing

Thanks user

Nice. They did this kind of marketing for the other Ultra Beasts, and it's the creepiest they've ever looked.

Peak kino, imagine her blasting an entire city

More full ver

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>standing around taking pictures
why do they have turn it into a tourist attraction? its supposed to be an extradimensional alien that fucks shit up in the foreign environment. fuck GOtards

this is the type of shit twitterfags would do so it makes some sense, considering where the video originated from

Wait are those her eyes?

what the fuck, is this real?

Pretty sure it’s not around to be a tourist attraction. Taking pictures/filming is what any bystander with a phone would do in this situation.

>Moon princess

Uh. Yes.

I always thought it was a wedding gown type thing or this arch type.

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