Why was frlg so bland and soulless?

>johto game is the better way to experience kanto than the kanto game
how did this happen?

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Because FRLG were made to make money and nothing else.

I have no idea. I remember as a kid, wishing that the Red model used in Ruby Union Room was used in the actual game.

Gen 1 is bland
No matter how many times they remake it, Kanto is just really fucking boring and it took until HGSS to add any level of soul to it.

I think GSC added a bit of soul by making the music not sound like generic baroque-era compositions, giving trainers/Gym Leaders Johto Pokémon, and adding stuff like apricorn trees in Pewter City/Route 1 etc.

This. Gen 1 was good despite Kanto not because if it. Most regions in pokemon are mid at best compared to other RPG settings but Kanto in particular has nothing to offer. There really is nothing it interesting about Kanto other than the fact that Pokémon happened there. It’s telling how underdeveloped it was in Gen1 when most people didn’t know it’s name. It unironically works better as Johto’s DLC than it’s own thing, Fuck, GSC/HGSS even gave Kanto Routes 26 and 27 which have more going for them than most other areas in Kanto.

Uhh bros? Why do the FRLG maps look like something you could make in RPG maker? Is this the dreaded blackpill?

>but Kanto in particular has nothing to offer
It had decent and pretty varied dungeons which is more than you can say of over half of this series.

Too afraid to include things not in Gen 1, even when it would've made for a better game. They should've had the day/night cycle. They should've treated Gen 2/3 Pokemon like they treated Gen 2 Pokemon in Johto (ie early morning Phanpy/Teddiursa, late at night Murkrow/Houndour on specific routes).

Fair point, it’s easy to overlook dungeons but Kanto’s are actually pretty good. In retrospect that make Galar’s mole tunnels look even more pathetic, except I can’t even call them mole tunnels because Diglett Cave is better than Galar’s “dungeons”

>>johto game is the better way to experience kanto

Not just to make money, but to set up a way to complete the Pokedex.

>Child me asked for FR instead of R/S with my GBA because I didn't realize FRLG were Kanto remakes
>Already thrashed Pokemon yellow multiple times prior to gen 2 so kinda sick of Kanto
>Missed R/S at their peak and only played them a decade later on emulators

I regret this decision every day

The only saving grace is that RSE are dogshit, but I probably would have liked it as a kid

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>The only saving grace is that RSE are dogshit, but I probably would have liked it as a kid
I was about to respond to this as I read your post then I got to the end. Yeah that sucks, but like you said, they're pretty bad. I say this as someone who started with Sapphire version.

They are pretty underrated, every single town has a dungeo/building to explore and you have optional ones for the legendaries.
They really stopped doing that.

God damn. I had forgotten how much soul and effort they put into HGSS.

>Missed R/S at their peak
To be fair, you missed basically nothing. Pokemania was dead by RS release and then it became uncool.

Silver was the first game that was bought specifically for me and the first game I beat by myself (shared copy of Red with sister, I beat the league, but she played it more). I loved building my team, training them and finding new members all by myself, then going back to the region that I beat with my sister just made me so happy. I was so excited for Sapphire when I got it but was devastated that I couldn't get most of the Pokémon in my other game and couldn't trade them over.

When FRLG came out, my parents bought me a GBA SP and FR because they just thought "he's into Pokémon, he'll like it". I was very hesitant, but seeing pokemon like Bellsprout and Fearow again made me keep playing. The game was okay overall, but when I got to Four Island and heard the Azalea Town music, I was hit with the feeling of recapturing what made me love Pokémon.

FRLG may not be the best version of Kanto, but I like them for how much Gen 2 stuff is in it.

Good dungeons are literally the only saving grace of the Gen 1 maps.

...That and maybe HMs not being absolutely ridiculous yet.

>Why does this GBA game look worse than a DS game?

Are you retarded?

>but I like them for how much Gen 2 stuff is in it.
Like uhh... the Filler Islands and umm... those cross-Gen evos like Crobat and Umbreon that totally aren't locked behind postgame?