How the fuck Gyarados is a flying type?

How the fuck Gyarados is a flying type?

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because CHARIZARD couldn’t be a Dragon type since it was a starter, IF CHARIZARD couldn’t have the type, no one esle could, so Gyarados was stuck with Flying

Because Koikingu jumped over the waterfall and shinka’d, thus combining the mizu energy and hikou energy from being in the air which ends up creating the Water/Flying type combination which is batsugun against Fire, Ground, Grass, Bug, Fighting, and Rock types

I think it's related to the myth it's based on

threads over fellas

It's flying type because it can fucking fly you retards, play PLA.

pla is a derivative of a near 30 year old franchise designed to serve as a beta test for a new game engine. it means shit

>It's not canon because I say so
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In PLA is it not flying next to a waterfall? So shut the fuck up you dumbass

water + wind = storm


It's a reference to an old Japanese fable about carp becoming dragons. You should know this after twenty fucking years you mongrel.

You're actually retarded

Dunno but he should have at least gotten aeroblast after gen 2, not having anything for its flying stab is disappointing.


Seethe and cope, Gyarados can canonically fly. Also reminder that it's eligible for sky battles in XY.

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It flew in the anime, retard

Source: your ass

You’re an uncultured dumbass that doesn’t know the origins of the Pokémon you are talking about. Stop huffing paint and use whatever braincells you have left.

The origins are fucking irrelevant because it's capable of flight in at least two games, one of which is mainline. Gyarados can fly. Cope.

It's an eastern dragon from a time when they didn't like making things dragon type.