How powerful would their kids be?

How powerful would their kids be?

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Wouldn't matter how powerful you are if you end up looking like a complete mongoloid.

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As powerful as a wet paper towel

so stronger than Cynthia, that's good to know


Strong enough to genocide Garchomps.

Ash has aura powers and iris has dragon link.

The last time I checked, their descendant was president of the United States of Unova.

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But it is difficult to keep track of all the children that Ash left behind in pokeamerica.

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I bet you guys say "Arceusdamn," too, huh?

Where Serena? Didn't there some preview where Ash and her get married and have few children?

Ash is a faggot

wait, that reporter is Rhonda daugter!

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A single glance between the two of them made me want to root for them

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you got trolled bro

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Shopped. It was Gou in the original.

Oh fug i cant read our marriage paper work ash...

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Probably Level 5 idk

MUCH weaker than Cynthia x Ash

>MUCH weaker than [headcanon]

That was Misty, and it wasn't intended even, just an OC looking like her