I fucked you so good, you should pay me

>I fucked you so good, you should pay me

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this song's lyrics allude to what TPCi does to my favorite boyhood franchise every day

I really don't understand why TPCi/GF keep shilling shitty "musicians" and "composers". What are they thinking? Do their taste in music really [that] bad?

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>I really don't understand why TPCi/GF keep shilling shitty "musicians" and "composers"
Me neither but apparently Scarlet and Violet are going to have some ginger guy compose something (I forgot the name)

Tommy K

Kek, were these really lyrics in the music video?

>Tommy K

I can't get over the fact that this was an official project. No one was impressed or excited by this, not even the target audience of children because they don't listen to Post Malone anymore. What ten year out-of-date data were the old Japanese businessmen at TPC basing this decision on?

Executives and CEOs always use old trends because they’re super fucking out of touch.

Being super put-of-touch is one thing, but I feel like there has to be more "logic" to it then that. Maybe they're afraid to choose someone current because the chances of them becoming controversial is higher? Or maybe they refuse to listen to younger workers' suggestions and information because of their ego?

Maybe. But I was saying that in general CEOs and execs don’t know what young people to find cool, funny, or appealing. I like to think of it as old farts trying to be hip with kids.

Pokemon is a kike globohomo agenda aiming to turn children into gay furries influenced by LGBT programs, and druggy musicians and whore female figures.
This is how Jews want to collapse USA and Japan before completely control them through furry and LGBT cultures.
Look at how these two nations care about genders and giant plushies more than starving kids, war victims, etc...

Pokemon is destroying our world

Could they have used better models.

I dont really see the problem, thats how hookers operate afterall. . .

This is true, it happened to me

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Didn't everyone listen to Post Malone 3-4 years ago? I remember being utterly sick of the kid next door blasting Rockstar. Well, 3-4 years is 3-4 millennia in internet time so makes sense

You mean, less than 0.1% of the world's total population? Because no one in my region ever heard of post malone our entire life.

? post malone

who was this even made for?


And then what? Everyone is furfag trannies and then....???
Jews turned the next generation into the most unemployable, unuseable retards possible to... I dont know, make it easier for the Muslims to nuke Israel because the USA is the only reason Israel survived and now the USA is hapless, hopeless, and helpless?

I guess we're postpost malone now

I'm gonna fuck you

who is animated homeless man?