GameFreak buys Ford Motor Company

Pokesisiters, they made the Ford Mustang into the Ford Charizard. Gotta drive em all!

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>GameFreak buys Ford Motor Company
Shitty games meet rotting cars. A match made in heaven.


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that's a horse

It's a horse you pyschopath, holy fucking shit you need your meds, a cartoon dragon critter should NOT be affecting your mental state like this, mate.

but bros its Charizarderino

Charicar... real...

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I'd rather get a Ford Arcanine (formerly Ford GT), that way I can shift into Extremespeed

>Ford announced the Dark Horse line upcoming
>shows this logo
>OP is so mind broken he has to see boogeymen everywhere
>takes a brief break from obsessing over the gays to obsess over charizard
>makes this thread

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I'm a tourist from /o/ that hasn't touched pokemon since 2006 and thought it was funny. What the fuck are you on about.

What part were you too stupid to follow?

you lost me at "boogeyman" and "obsessing over the gays."

You don't know what a boogeyman is? Really? I can't help you, too far down the IQ ladder.

Man Cinderace literally acts like a human here.

It’s cause Cinderace literally is a fursona, modern starters are always just furries with jobs now

Still better than the shitty Unova and Johto starters

Faggot who hates Shillzard here, try again next time sweetie :)

So Charizard was a horse this whole time...
No one should say that Charizard should be Dragon Type now.

Who knows, maybe they'll his Charizywith GR15 now.

Retard thread. Now delete your Facebook account to cure yourself of schizophrenia.

But wait... it gets better!

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Now this is treading the waters of "everything is satanic/a pagan conspiracy orchestrated by the Jews to kill God and feminize Christian white men on the behalf of lizards" Facebook schizophrenia.

You'll never guess which car company they're bringing back next... that's right, Arbok.

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