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this one is the real one

The autism it takes to believe that Diantha and Alain aren’t the weakest

Or that they would beat Iris and Cynthia and do better than them against Leon


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Based Tall Superior Queen Cynthia destroying all the Mary Sues like Leon with her hard abs.

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Do you miss him?

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I found him insufferable and I still do today


I want her to beat the shit out of me ...

Her franchise

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Ash won!

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plot armor won*

Iris is weak
Alain would beat her
Paul would beat her
Volkner would beat her
Gary would beat her
Drasna would beat her


there's only slightly over 1 day remaining until the battle ends...

>Iris indirectly beat Cynthia
Iris is STRONG

>>Alain never won a league
>>Drasna not the best Dragon user
>>Paul a Gym Leader
>>Volkner a Gym Leader
Cope Alainfag

Alain never beat his league’s Champion and got feed to Leon. Why was he there exactly?

>>Alain never won a league

List of cynthiacuck copes:

>She doesn't need a gimmick!
>She'll beat Iris no problem!
>She only mega'd because she respects Iris!
>She doesn't need g-max!
>She's going to beat Ash no problem!
>They nerfed her because they hate her!
>She's still the strongest even if she loses!
>She's stronger in the game!
>She has nothing to prove if she wins or loses!
>Ash only won because of Iris!
>They took her Lucario away!
>She forfeit for Garchomp! Ash didn't truly win!
>Garchomp was nerfed by the writers!
>Leon had only jobbers!
------------You are here----------------
>Ash > Cynthia > Leon
>Ash will show how weak Leon is!
>She only lost because they made here retire!
>She couldn't use her REAL team
>She's just holding Kommo-o back for Leon
>Ash is going to teach her how to use a z-move after she wins!


Titles doesn't matter in the Masters 8
Paul would shat on Iris if decided to enter considering that Iris jobbed to Ash's Jobbernite while Paul beat that bitch with his Garchomp

Iris won a league, defeated the Elite and then beat a Champion. Alain did that? And given how weak Diantha is that’s surprising

To prop up the new guy which happened to be Leon.