Does anyone know any Sysbot server for LGPE?

Does anyone know any Sysbot server for LGPE?
Google says only about "Pokémon EX Realm" but their bot is not up and they pretty much abandoned it altogether…

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What's this?

A bot where you input a PKHex file and it generates and makes a trade for you.
There are lots of bots for SwSh, BSDP and LA already, but none I can find for LGPE .

Oh yeah I used something like that on a twitch channel which hosted the trades. I doubt there are any for LGPE since it's too old

It's only 1 year older than SwSh and they have bots for XY ORAS and SMUSUM eitherway.
No reason not to have a LGPE one aswell…



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Literally no one cares about LGPE

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There's still one server up called "latefags get fucked lmao". Rude name I know but I also know it's still up but I don't use it and I'm not about to search it for (You). Look around or ask people who receive genned stuff how to get things from it.

Weird, I can't find it.
Maybe it's something that's only for (you)?


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C'mon guys, it can't be this hard to find a server
I run a Sysbot, in the documentation it clearly says that only SwSh, BDSP, and PLA are supported. I doubt there's interest in implementing an LGPE sysbot at this point.

Why tho?
It's a Switch game just like the others, and PkHex supports it.

Uh, ask kaph0tics?? Probably because almost nobody played the game and the auto-legality is especially difficult to implement for that game.