If you were to make a gimmick/battle mechanic, what would it be?

If you were to make a gimmick/battle mechanic, what would it be?

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you hit the A button at just the right moment to deal more/take less damage

I would make the battle system like Pokken, to start with. Otherwise action elements to the turn battle system would be cool, like you have to execute a perfect timed button combination to execute a supermove or something

>real time battle
using all 4 Pokemon attacks + defending + dodging, maybe even interacting a little bit with the terrain like in the anime

Some basic shit of 6v6 but all 6 are out at 1 time
So things like earthquake will be hitting up too 11 other Pokemon.
No locked positions either so the far right can hit the far right of the other player
No switching position either so if Pikachu is in slot 2 its in slot 2 for the match unless a move that does this is used "Ally Switch"

Trainers can fight

I want to have sex with female trainers especially on other players

Mechanic, Anti STAB: If a Pokemon uses a move with a typing it is weak to / x4 weak to, the move will only deal 80% of its full damage.

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I don't like one-off battle gimmicks, too disruptive. Megas were OK but everything else was too much. I like stuff that iterates on the core mechanics like the phys/spec split and abilities.
Personally I'd rework the PP system into an universal energy system like MP and make Pokemon regenerate a little energy every turn. This would also rework many moves, especially the two-turn ones, instead of using Hyper Beam for example and just standing there next turn, you'd just spend a lot of energy at once, which would still allow you to use a much weaker move right afterwards, or maybe even use energy boosting strategies in doubles to siphon energy to a single Pokemon and do two Hyper Beams in a row.
So many possibilities here.

Two additional actions under Fight
>All moves will hit unless the opponent dodges
>Success of Dodge depends on move's accuracy and speed of the dodger
>Negates a percentage of the opponents attacking move

To go with the above, PP is now a global pool (or stat like HP) per individual pokemon, and moves have different PP costs.
Dodge and Block use PP.

Every move takes the form of Danmaku to decide damage.

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I think Z-moves were the perfect level of gimmick. They were impactful, but required smart teambuilding (is it worth giving up Life Orb or a Choice item for a Z-Crystal?) and didn't cause centralisation. Games were rarely ever won or lost on a single Z-move, in the way that they frequently were with Megas or Dynamaxes.

Probably grid based combat.
>Pokemon now have another stat that governs Movement
>each move now has a Range
>some moves do things: Body Slam jumps forward, Stealth Rock places traps, et cetera.
>some types have different movement qualities: Flying types fly over obstacles, Water types dive in water to avoid damage while moving, et cetera.
>different areas can have very different battle maps and layouts, having the right kind of Pokemon for certain maps will make life easier
>trainers can send their Pokemon out anywhere on their side of the map, and can recall from anywhere on the map

You get to pick your ace Pokemon, and they get a stat bump.
Additionally, you can select their 'signature move' which will get a BP + PP boost.

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You know the pledge moves? How they can combo? Make it so you can activate pledge then whatever the two types of the moves you pick that turn cause a pledge. So, for example, Ground + Fairy would trigger Misty Terrain, so if one of your Pokemon selected EQ and the other selected Moonblast and you pledged that turn, after the second move went off, Misty Terrain would activate.

Battle Network, basically?

>PP is now a global pool (or stat like HP) per individual pokemon, and moves have different PP costs.

That would be an interesting battle mode, especially if commonly-spammed signature moves were given a massive pp cost so they could only be used a few times per battle.

It would be a supplementation to Mega Evolution called the Mega Burst. It just boosts all base stats by 10, with an additional 20 going to whatever an individual Pokemon's stat is highest. All Pokemon can do it.

I don't know.

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>mechanic that is purely a nerf
thats not very fun
Though I like the idea. Maybe if a Pokemon uses a type it is weak to, due to its udnerstanding of what makes the move standing it gains a small 1.1x boost in basepower, but a 0.9x boost in accuracy because it gets nervous using that move.

>Ultimation gimmick
So cool that this gimmick changes whole pokemon playstyle to a different role