It's over

Completely sold out in the US in less than a day. I kneel.

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Good, now you have to buy it off the scalper at 200% markup just because you're autistic and deserve to be scammed

Hideous color scheme

I can’t even get it on my country’s amazon yet

Sold out in UK too

Are these limited edition or something? I want one but I wanna go and buy one from a store

yea. they usually reserve a few for in-store sale though

This looks pretty bad desu, the Splatoon 3 LE did a much better job with the street art theme.

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Kill yourself consoooomerist, kneel to the jew

>le black and white monotone monocolor

>Better Franchise does a better job at something than a Bad Franchise
Wow! What a surprise!

I'm gonna walk into my local Walmart and buy it. They don't usually sell out fast unless it's Christmas

hopefully you'll get murdered or die in a car crash getting decapitated. fuck your kind

user, your meds

Bullshit, who the fuck was selling them now with no announcement?

Gamestop is completely sold out. Look on the site for yourself. So is Target.

The SwSh Lite looked way better. I bought one slightly over MSRP and don’t regret it

>work overtime for two weeks straight
>the only thing you wanted to buy is gone and will never be made again

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Haha it's not gone user. Plenty of other retailers like Best Buy and Amazon haven't put it up yet. Plus you can just call local Gamestops or what have you and likely preorder in person.

Got mine on the 8th, i only hope it isnt just a placeholder order, and that i've actually "saved my spot" so to speak

theyre still offering preorders on their site, considering shit like amazon is sold out, so im not sure

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amazon sold out in 3 hours

Zero surprise, I'm now playing shield with expansion pack and this game is fucking awesome, I still don't get 1st badge and my team is on steroids