This is the evolution of the Pokémon known as "Sneasel" from conception to Crystal. Which design is your favorite...

This is the evolution of the Pokémon known as "Sneasel" from conception to Crystal. Which design is your favorite, and did they make the right call by radically redesigning it before release?

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I’ve got no issue with how Sneasel ended up looking. But I kinda wish that the first two designs for it became some other Pokemon. Rather like the design for it.

>This is [FANFIC]
don't care

It looks like mienfoo

This left guy with the quills from right is nice

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that's fucking sonic the hedgehog

Look at number four that demon I love it

Sneasel looks more like a unique design.

That’s just a Sonichu

>play gold
>oh it's ice because of the blue things coming out from it
>play crystal
>what the FUCK happened

The final one.

I do wish it's shiny retained the more cyan/mint green colored feathers and a darker base body (just not brown, maybe more of a purple blue then a dark blue) vs the hot pink and yellow.


[citation needed]

It looks more like Shadow to me.

make the thing in the middle have the left ones colouration and she can rape me forever

wait was the fourth one in the files or is this another "guys look at this sprite that i made based on beta back sprites"

yes, we need proof this is true (it isn't)

They absolutely made the right call.

It was in the scratch pad if I am not mistaken

>slightly alien weasel
>newgrouds weasel
>sanic the weasel
>brown sneasel

I prefer brown sneasel myself

Isn't Sneasel based on some Japanese demon/spirit or something? Whichever looks closest to that inspiration
The left look more like a mongoose idea. Probably stored away and brought out for Zangoose

It's a kamaitachi, weasels that use their claws to slash people.
So literally left.

Shadowchu, created by Ian Brandon Anderson.

It's minor but I think what really sealed Sneasel's design in the last iteration is the change to their eye shape, just gets across a bit more that final design choice

Go! Sneaselchu! Go out and slash to the extreme!