Pokemon is unsalvageable

Pokemon is unsalvageable

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schizo thread

XY casualised the franchise before Go. Go just worsened it.

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I miss when the games weren't braindead easy bros....

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Pokemon is Japanese
>paid shill boot lickers
No, it's just that Charizard, Lucario and Sylveon are all kinomons and you have shit taste.

Gen5 didn't have anime stats that allow your pokemon to dodge or survive at 1HP 85% of the time.
it also had Challenge Mode even though locking it behind normal mode was dumb
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Crazy how one franchise can be every boogeyman all at once if you try hard enough.

>Gen5 didn't have anime stats that allow your pokemon to dodge or survive at 1HP 85% of the time.
yeah, instead it just made all the opponents dogshit so you can brainlessly beat them without the anime stats

Pokemon Go is the definitive Pokemon experience. It has the most Pokemon, the best avatar customization, costumes for pokemon, weekly events so the game is never stale, incentives to socialize with other people, PvP that give you access to exclusive content, can be played anywhere since it's on your phone, and has more players worldwide compared to console games that get dropped once the main campaign is over. Your mainline games are the casual shit in comparison.

Nintendo has many Jewish investors like BlackRock.
then why did I find the game not braindead easy with Snivy?

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Every game with and without anime stats does that

>less time running back to the pokecenter
that's not about difficulty, just making the game less tedious

>It has the most Pokemon
USUM does
>the best avatar customization
all generic microtransaction shit with shillmons like celebi to make Jew Merrick advertise the games for free
>costumes for pokemon
500 hats for Pikancer is lame, boring and uncreative
> incentives to socialize with other people
this is the only good thing about it but it only works if you are not a gamer
>PvP that give you access to exclusive content
mostly Pikancer garbage
>can be played anywhere since it's on your phone
if you are not in a popular country or city , then you won't enjoy it because they only put pokestops on popular locations
>and has more players worldwide compared to console games
minecraft and fortnite shit on it anyday

Pursuit? Hidden Power? Signal Beam? Assist?

Gen 5 had a level scale that made it easy to level up and beat the game.

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Early games weren’t difficult - resource management was harder.
Most Pokémon had terrible level up movepools with weak moves even at higher stages, and their only chance at getting a stronger move was through a once per game TM or egg move.

As if modern Japan is any Japanese at all, it was fully kikeized by Jewmerica. They even put an amerijew military male invader in their first Pokemon game.

Me First, Psywave, Jump Kick, Smelling Salts, Refresh, Heart Stamp, Ominous Wind, Chip Away, Steamroller the Bug version
Id say some were cut because the Pokemon weren't in but i can't explain why heart stamp isn't in when Woo/Swoo are.

>Pursuit? Hidden Power?
these being removed flat out made the game better.