Any Forums plays Pokemon Empire

>We get rewarded for the power plant incident by being assigned to investigate a child sex trafficking ring, and get a Totodile as compensation
>We realize there is no invisible wall around lava pools
>Apparently the MC's brother is the one who killed Cheyenne, and he owns a fucking Tauros
>We fight him but that was an illusion
>The electric gym leader has a Palossand as well as a Cinderace
>we finally pay our respects at cheyenne's funeral
>We finally enter Starlight City, get to re-unite with Alanah, and cockblock ourselves
>and also meet with some of the city's...mentally healthy residents who most certainly aren't clear stand-ins for irl political issues
>We also get a Shieldon and another Gible.
Whiteout counter: 10
Badges: 3

Times IRL issues were brought up: 11
A Pokemon is ordered to attack a trainer directly: 2
Bad guys escape somehow: 4
Confirmed Deaths: 4
Rapes: 2?
Unwinnable Battles: 2
Times our character has gotten laid: 1
Broken textboxes: 1
Crashes: 1

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Any Forums plays MEGA folder (contains writefaggotry, art, screenshot spam, and extras):

What the fuck is this garbage?
>This is Pokemon Empire, a fangame notable for being so pretentious it actually hurts
>And it's also known for allegedly being a magical realm
>Decisions are made via GETs; dubs override singlets, trips override dubs and can create temporary (thread-long) rules, and quads+ override trips and can create permanent rules (subject to the Fuck You clause)

GET rules:
>Only dragon types (or pokemon that are technically dragon-like) may be used
>Snowpeak is now the run's official mascot and a mandatory party member.
>Aggron is also a mandatory party member.

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as with last time, i will need a new team. four other members in addition to snowpeak and lairon before we can properly start
i'll let odds decide

bring hakamo-o for dragon tail plebble shenanigans
also, if I'm not mistaken, this hack adds dragon-type entry hazards. maybe see if you can give more hazards to that pokemon
afaik the moveset I left it with was Dragon Tail/Sky Uppercut/Supersonic (replace this if you're replacing anything)/Stealth Rock


OP, were you present for the rejuvenation LP? there was even more cockblocking than this game

not all of it, but I am aware
Jan has said very firmly he won't ever allow romance, but his autism against keeping his lesbian OCs pure doesn't at least extend to displays of motherly love from tesla

Lemme try

if this reroll fails then the thread is cursed
although I'm pretty sure it's more of a coinflip than a dice roll
good thing we have writefags

bring servine

tesla's boobs


Justice for the fakemon

reroll because I liked using it

Bring Totodile, let's Gator this shit.


Rolling this

Cursed thread

Anyway, here's what Bastiodon looks like in this game

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and then for some reason they didn't properly update the shiny

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I can't tell if this looks like shit or not
did rampardos get changed at all

No lie, the sprite change is good. Looks like a triceratops, instead of those toony flat faces when a character smacks itself against a metal door.

Jan’s reasoning for not having romance in the game is surprisingly not as fag-like as you may think, on his tumblr, he posted about how he wouldn’t mind adding one, considering how many people want it, but stated that if he’s going to do something of the sort, he would go all in with multiple characters, multiple routes, etc, and he just doesn’t have much experience in writing things like that, and it would be too much work, etc. So he even said that he actively supports fanfictions so long as they aren’t “harmful” towards the plot, he just gets really pissy when people ask him for the feature.