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Pokémon Unite is a 5v5 MOBA where your objective is to score more points than your opponent It's focused on quick matches w/ minimal downtime. For Switch, Android, & iOS.


>Information (right side for links)

- Dodrio (Today)
- Scizor (September 28th)
- Clefable (October 13th)

- Sky Ruins
- Patch notes: unite-db.com/patch-notes


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Add my boyfriend Umbreon next

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>about to promote
>get back to back games with an instalocking jungler pikachu
>they're fucking dogshit, have no idea how to rotate and contribute nothing to teamfights
>breaks away during rayray fights and costs us the game
>check profile after, they have a 45% winrate in 3k+ matches

Beekee, if you're somehow reading this, you're fucking dogshit

Bird is a word.

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fuck shills taiwan number one

The NERVE of that guy.. Unbelieveable

a few nights ago i dreamt i was an espeon.

>Dodrio (Today)
No. In 7 days.

Today I will be practicing Avalanche/Blizzard Ninetales regardless of my team comp or win rate.

kill each other then yourselves

It'll take you a grand total of 1 match to realize it's completely unplayable right now

>Dodrio (Today)
I wish.

The "best" Ninetales player in the world has been using it in soloq for most of 200 games this season with a 70% win rate.

enjoy your high win rate user

I am the Espeon sorry bro you can be the Umbreon (you have to top)

might have me a nervous breakdown if I get paired with that fuck again

do you really need practice it's like the easiest combo

The immediacy of shove -> freeze is way more useful overall than veil. Also the paths seem to be narrower in the new map, so the wall actually has more use than just to block Blizzard.

what? impossible...
how could this to happen...
that player is not engaged at all
the system must be refined

Man I want dotrio but I also want to save up for my boy syther.

Why did Mamoswine get MVP?

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"Wow, I sure am glad to have an Espeon with this team comp!"

Because he picked a defender into a team of 3 retard-attackers and a chawizawd
Apologize to him

that's quite a conundrum, blackbox-san