Green Wednesday

best girl

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Her name is BLUE like in FUCK YOU

Umm.. user...

That's Blue

How old is she supposed to be in that pic? But with a body like that I would want to be her dog.

Old enough.

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That didn't answer my question but I accept being her dog.

In Japan, that would be correct. However, she's known as Green internationally because Green Oak got renamed Blue Oak to fit with the Red/Blue game pair.

Makes things confusing, doesn't it?

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Green will get in masters and those losers will be known for nothing other than having sex with each other.

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Green is so cool.

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>I would want to be her dog.
Same, I could sniff her ass and her shoes and no one would bat an eye

>male protag
thanks you ruined it

green a best

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>not Glue

Why the fuck are you posting a leaf?

That's not Leaf, noob.

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That’s really stretching.