There's too many Pokemon!!

>there's too many Pokemon!!
Fuck you. There's not enough Pokemon.

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This is plenty for me. I don't need anything else.

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They're just bloat now.

Meh. Pic related is better. A solid number instead of an Odd 151.

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>Gotta Catch Em All
>Infinite Pokemon
What a stupid premise

I don't like the switch pokemon games but the designs are still pretty decent. Gen 8 was a mixed bag but gen 9 looks to be doing well so far. I loved the designs from gen 7.

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Lol I don't get this meme


you know that’d make for an interesting thread: “remove one Gen 1 Pokemon to make it an even 150.”
Personally Id throw out Grimer (Muk can be an uncommon single stage mon) or something like Graveler (just evolves at a high level instead of needing a trade)

The issue is we get too many repeat concepts. We have so many normal/flying birds, not every regional rodent gets a dual typing either

>The issue is we get too many repeat concepts
Yup. Worst part is it just dex filler. Most of these shitmons don't even get merchandise. So they are just there to fill the quota.

>volume reached a point where GF could no longer keep up with the workload and started excluding numbers in the hundreds from all modern games

>"There's not enough Pokémon"

After dexit there never will be enough
I wanted a game with 1000 pokemon

I liked the majority of pokemon designs until SWSH. But even SWSH has quite a few good designs. I like most of SV designs but designs like Sprigatito and Grafaifai need a little editing to make them feel like pokemon to me. Sprigatito's head reminds me the new Beanie Babies, which I guess works if you want to sell plushies. And the character design varies way too much, it doesn't seem like the have cohesive art direction.

For me the height of pokemon was the UB's in SM. I just wish we could have explored Ultra Space more and collected more weird otherworldy "pokemon."

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There are too many poorly designed Pokemon.


A pokemon for everyone

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>insists on a one year dev cycle even if it means the product is devoid of content


This. If Gen10 has 200 new mons and 50 regional variants I’d be happy

Based. Fpbp