How do I avoid Nintendo DMCA'ing my Pokemon fangame in the future?

How do I avoid Nintendo DMCA'ing my Pokemon fangame in the future?

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Don't talk about it and then stealth release it lol

Just blur the copyrighted logo like the chinks on Aliexpress.

Make a Pokemon clone game but don't use Pokemon designs like Nexomon or Coromon. As a bonus you can then sell it too

I have reported every fangame I could find
you won't

Public is your enemy.

Don't release at the same time as the official game
That's it


why would you do that joe?

Shut the fuck up about it until it's done.

Lol jew kikerick reported me to twitter cause I called him an ugly kike downie

Also accept donations in Monero

99% of the people that are afraid of getting shutdowns are never going to be at any risk of getting shut down
as long as you aren't running a patreon for your game or haven't received attention from mainsteam gaming media there's little chance of nintendo even knowing that you exist, let alone shutting you down.
if you're that worried just don't shill your game on twitter like the rest of clout chasing fangame devs

if you need discussions or playtesters you should get a group of people you can reasonably trust not to report or share it to people that might

Host it on an IP from a country where copyright laws can't reach you.

Don't even call it Pokemon in your advertising. Some fangames/romhacks have done that. It was very obvious that it was Pokemon, but it never called itself Pokemon.


Ask Nintendo not to do it

That's what the report function is for yeah

Put it on Google Play Store where all the chinks get away with using copyrighted stuff.

Just don't sell it, then they legally can't do anything to you.