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Keep things chill and post your favorites

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>All 4 Regis

god, you're a tranny kike or what

this looks more like the results of a least favorites quiz.

You ladies gonna post your favorites or

Pretty based taste overall.

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How did you make this? I also have about 50 favorites and would love to do something like this. Also good taste

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Pure alpha. The only lowkey feminine pokemon I put is spritzee cause the plague doctor mask is hella badass and could make for a fairy/ghost badass mon.

Also vivillon cause only insects can afford to be feminine

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That's pretty uncommon taste. I like that.

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OP here, good taste anons.

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You really seem to like Dark types

Which site u guys use to make these?

um,, sweaty,, there are SIX regis

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Hisui really made me love some mons a lot more
nice to see another mafia crow enjoyer

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i dont get how people do these, whenever i tried i would get halfway through then the website would only give me pokemon i dont care about to pick.