Are there multiple Mew...

Are there multiple Mew? I keep finding stuff saying it's both completely unique and just a species that likes to stay hidden.

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Canonically and thus far, its unique and lives in the Faraway Island. All the other instances of Mew were available via mystery gift or similar.

Adding to this, that Island also ties the story of Mew found in the Pokemon Mansion from gen 1, who mentions not only a "guyanese jungle" but also the island has a sign that ends with a half-erased signature "-ji", probably Fuji.
Tying in the Mew that lives in the island with the Mew Fuji talks about in gen 1. Lorewise, looks like there's only one.

original japanese red and green
>A Pokémon of South America that was thought to have been extinct. It is very intelligent and learns any move.

japanese blue and western red and blue
>So rare that it is still said to be a mirage by many experts. Only a few people have seen it worldwide.

both entries seem to suggest it is a species. whether more than one specimen still exists is unclear

Maybe the entire species is letting everyone think that there's only one as some great big joke. No such thing as Dittos, they're just Mews.

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What stuff says he's unique? Mew evolved in all the common species of pokemon on earth, there's no way it's unique

>Mew evolved in all the common species of pokemon on earth
that's headcanon

They brought that Mew in the laboratory though, how would he go back to the island? And I don't see it implying that there isn't a population of mew

Regardless, all earthling pokemon are mew, so even if there's a single mew remained in the form of mew he isn't unique. The other are just evolved mews

>all earthling pokemon are mew
that's headcanon

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>I keep finding stuff saying it's both completely unique and just a species that likes to stay hidden.
We weren't directly told but keep in mind that the pokemon fanbase has poor reading comprehension skills and has no idea about the lore, so if whatever you "find" is fan discussion just ignore it.

You're just assuming with a conclusion made from your ideas of how IRL evolution works.

>defending headcanon
maybe try fucking read the lore?

originally there was only one mew but it bred with mewtwo and now there are a bunch


Pokemon are species, not gods. There multiple of them

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Only 1 Mewtwo.
Multiple Mews but they're the rarest + the one who keeps popping up on the movie/anime is always the same one.