ITT: Human from Pokemon get the Digimon Partners

ITT: Human from Pokemon get the Digimon Partners.

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>only Charizard
>not Pikachu
>not all 4 Starters
Shit picture
Shit thread

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Make one for rest of this team OP
and only 1% of Any Forums plays other monster games, it's the same reason why the "post favorite monsters from other JRPGs" threads died quickly

gimmie a min and I will post

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>replace one greymon with another
wow youre so creative op


This one really fits the Team Rocket aesthetic


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You can really tell when OP makes his since he can only fathom curated lines.

Final level is a biomerge

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Moonmon -> Lalamon -> Sunflowmon -> Petaldramon -> Rosemon

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> Doesn't know how Digivolution and Partners work in Digimon.
Sad bubble you live in.

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I think kyukimon would be a fitting ultimate for her