Imagine all the boys that have popped their first boners to Pokemon anime fanservice

Imagine all the boys that have popped their first boners to Pokemon anime fanservice

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You were proven gay the last time you posted this thread. What are you expecting now?

Thought that part was obvious, why did it need to be proven

Iris had more Fanservice than serena why do so many faggots want to fuck her?

post more fan service from the anime

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I remember being 8 years and wanting to be shrunk so I can crawl around inside her nasty cunt.

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What is the psychological issue that causes people to make the same threads again and again

How did they get away with it

I'm one of them.

I used to have several pokemon novelisations as a kid, and my parents had a content filter set up on the internet, so I used to trace over the pictures of the girls and then draw them naked.

I didn't know what a pussy looked like so I just drew it as a hole. I thought that was the hottest shit ever at the time though.

>gives you a belly button fetish

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She gave me a milf fetish, and she's only 15

I nutted to "Prima". Sure, we got others like Jessie and Cassidy, but they didn't have show cleavage

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So? I said it 100 times today mate

now post her feet

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Long before Pokemon became a thing, I remember watching Disney's Jungle Book (the animated classic one)
There was a scene there that awakened something in me in that young age
I remember getting a weird boner on the scene where the kid was being hypnotized by the snake and they were doing those crazy hypnosis eyes

So yeah, when the Drowzee/Hypno episode aired and I saw it, you bet it did something to me as well

Why do you think it's the most successful franchise in history. Once a little boy feels funny because of a Misty scene he saw 20 years ago, he's at least somewhat invested for the rest of his life.

based hypnochad