Favorites of Each Type

Rate, hate, elaborate

and share yours

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Please explain Minior

Based ghost type enjoyer

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I hate these threads, because dipshits who irrationally hate the classics dissuade people from speaking their truths. I will not be intimidated out of my love for Charizard.

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I like all the different colored forms it can be and its smug little face when the shields drop. Also it makes for nice sweeper when you Shell Smash with Stone Edge, Earthquake, and Acrobatics. Honestly a top 5 of mine

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ha this list implies you like Pidove better than Charizard

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No, I just think Charizard is more of a Fire-type than it is a Flying-type.

Your headcanon doesn't change what your list implies. They're both secondary flying types lol why do you love Pidove so much ha loser you should like the classics more

Headcanon and preference aren't the same thing, third worlder. Now go back, you're missed.

Your post makes less sense than the fact you like Pidove more than Charizard.

Keckleon is not a normal type, what

I'm sorry you can't read. Very tragic.

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My god you're easy to fuck with. Work on that and stop caring whether people shit on your garbage Pikachu taste.

Rent free

Says the guy getting angrier each time I reply. You need to work on your aggression, Hoss.

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