Which one looks better?

which one looks better?

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Why is SV a downgrade

W-w-what's Tyranitar doing to his Aggron friend?

Top is Battle Revolution, dummy

in the process of kneeling to the superior mon

This is now an Aggron thread

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Goddamnit. I used an Aggron in Emerald right from when I got it in Granite Cave but missed out on this because of gen 3's lackluster movesets. He was still cool though

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Why are they so shiny?

SwSh has better models but the image is all blurry. PBR has better animations but isn't a full pokemon game. I'd rather play PBR myself.

I loved PBR as a kid but even I knew it was too slow for my tastes. Kills the enjoyment.

>kicks your shitmon

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>punches your shitmon

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Question stands

The bottom one obviously has higher quality models and higher resolution, but top has proper shadows and stadium designs that aren't completely boring to look at.

>Aggron held on with sturdy
>Aggron used aerial ace

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ive seen worse movepools

>Pheromosa held on with its Focus Sash!

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This isn't on a emulator?

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Bottom model better
Top has better aniamtions and stadium design at least I like BR Stadiums more.
A lot of the models for the games are good they just animations or they look to chunky like gyrados could have stretched out more so it looks more snake like same with onix.
I feel like there is a middle ground where you have more impressive battles while not having to give 900+ mons all more animations.
maybe more dynamic camera angles during the attacks that could mask up more of the unpolished stuff.
Example Blazikens knee jab on double kick right before the animation ends it gets a close on the pokemon getting hit and your brain can fill in the detail of them getting kicked, instead of turn. Hop. turn back into place. Hop again. Turn back into place. even if that is faster it feels way slower because are seeing a whole lot of nothing, like honestly why didn't they just cut the move out at that point.

>Focus band activated

battle revolution has better animations
sword and shield has better models
>inb4 the adhd autist

No, the game just looks like that. It's embarrassing, you can see it on the title screen and the opening cutscene.