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Cynthia and Grannychomp Handicapped, Nerfed, and Cheated Edition

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First for Goh.


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There's literally no difference between Leon and XY Alain, except that Leon is a canon character and has a different personality
If you don't like Leon you should shit on GF for making him after watching the fan reaction to Pokemon XY. GF always reacts to fan attitude years after the fact.
>Yo-Kai Watch becomes popular, make SM
>Alain is popular, make Galar, a region obsessed with battles, leveling up and getting bigger
>Temtem is popular, make a region based on Spain

>hey Ash, can I take these two with me!?

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>There's literally no difference between Leon and XY Alain, except that Leon is a canon character

I'm pretty sure Alan was probably going to be canon before scrubbed Z and made gen 7. He's probably the reason why gladion has his whole chuuni pose thing.

>Temtem is popular
KEK. if dead is popular then yeah sure. they literally only did it to dab on Temtem. "Oh, some spics are challenging us? Let's make a fucking Spain-Portugal region in their faces and outsell them by billions."

If Cynthia learned the bond phenomenon, she would know when she's pushing Garchomp too hard and even get to feel the pain herself

I want shark queen

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Leon and Ash should've had a mentor&pupil relationship. Make Leon take an interest in Ash in that episode with the Gmax Pikachu and turn him into a recurrent character, teaching him all he knows, joining him on adventures, battling to his side, giving Ash stuff to do and tutoring him. Make him battle Leon a bunch of times, doesnt have to be a full battle, even an intro is enough, and make Ash lose constantly against him, Leon teaching Ash something new on every ocassion. On every defeat, on every adventure he learns something new about how to become an elite trainer, someone worth of the title of Champion.
On this final M8 battle, take EVERYTHING Ash learned from Leon over the past 3 years and use it to give Ash the upper hand. The student surpasses the teacher. Leon is incredibly proud and happy for him, Ash's growth feels believable since he was under the wing of the fucking undefeated champion, and Leon gets an INSANE amount of character development while keeping him likeable since deep in the end, he was always, ALWAYS cheering for the kid and trying to make him improve.
On his last scene, Ash chases after Leon who looks down after finally being defeated. But Leon turns around with a huge smile on his face, sunrise in the background, taking his cap off and giving it to Ash
"Why do you think I taught you all of that, Satoshi? From the very first moment I saw you... I knew you'd be the one who would win against me."

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>Fuck it go ahead. It's not like the writers will let me use them again anyways. You want Unfezant too? No one likes mine.

she indirectly beat Cynthia... I KNEEL

that's just reusing the story beat from Kukui. well, not like this anime never recycles story beats.

Why are Cynthia tards such sore losers

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>mega evolution hurts garchomp

>War... has changed.

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the only good thing about M8 being powerlevel faggotry is that is never gonna be touched again

they are but making that edit is also pathetic

I remember when people hated Iris and now she's dabbing on Cynthiakeks. What a comeback.

You didn't really pay attention to Ash and Kukui, did you

Her franchise

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>N-n-no you
cope retard

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>my back!

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why would i, i only watch the anime to cum to Ash