In hindsight we didn't know how good we had it back then

In hindsight we didn't know how good we had it back then...

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Yes we did? The sun and moon + poke go hype cycle was fucking awesome

Unfortunately, the recent growth of praise for these just means the people who DID know look like they're following a trend now and not repeating the same thing we've been saying for... 6 years!? Gen 7 was 6 years ago? That spunds longer than it feels


You're out of your mind. PLA is a much better game, arguably the best mainline Pokemon game in the franchise. Either way, there is definite progress from 2016 to 2022.

fuck no they're the worst games in the series

you mean from 2016 there's been progress until 2022, since every single game and even the dlc was garbage

nah they were the worst in the series

no progress*

I like to think it's more like I didn't know how bad it would become. It was already pretty bad at that point although I did enjoy a lot about gen 7. Mostly the porn. We don't even have that anymore, all the new girls are ugly la creaturas.

I love these games, but mainly for the story and characters. The amount of cutscenes make it a pain to playthrough. It honestly should have been an anime or manga instead.


I enjoyed the characters and the region had some fun locations, but that isn't enough enough to save a game.
The level design was terrible. Rides hardly made up for the lack of HMs leading to very little backtracking if any, most of it relegated to the first island. Speaking of islands there wasn't any water routes between them, just shitty cutscenes, or in the case of USUM a shitty minigame if you so prefer. There was barely any dungeons as well, and there wasn't a victory road at all. Not to mention how terribly linear all routes were.

I was planning on typing out all of my other complaints from here but I don't care enough to, level design is my main gripe anyway.

You're gonna summon the schizo posting his shitty comparison images of Unova routes with Alola ones, nitpicking the most linear Unova ones with that one route in Alola where the path slightly curves and there's an optional patch of grass like 5 feet to the side. Peak exploration, apparently.

XY is right there

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The only real difference if you compare Alola to older regions is the categorization. Previous games had larger routes with multiple sections, in SM those extra areas are split and given names.
Something like route 1 in Alola doesn't look large, but it also has the outskirts, Ten Karat Hill, And later access to water. Almost every route in Alola is directly connected to exploration like that.

based Alola enjoyers. Have patience, soon we will be in the majority

>gen 7 was le bad because.... had unskippable cut scenes!
like literally every game in the franchise?

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Only it was exacerbated to a degree unseen prior because most of the story no longer concerned (You), the player.
You were the battle bitch and side-story to Lillie's family drama, and the game didn't give a damn about your Alolan Rite of Passage until it came time to challenge the freshly-formed Pokemon League, ergo AFTER Lillie's family drama was concluded.

Yes. That said SM are still shit.

Unironically true. It's SO much worse now, absolutely hellish landscape for this franchise