Hatterene Thread

She's pretty

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Still don't know what it's supposed to be. This one sure looks line an AI pokemon

I didn't care for Hatterene when she first came out, but when I learned that it's really a little gingerbread woman in there controlling the hair I thought that was pretty cool.
Also pic related is one of my favorite Pokemon meme pics.

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You see, you look at it and it first it looks like a sexy woman but then it turns out its just an alien gremlin thing with a bunch of hair that just so happens to take the shape of a sexy woman

Shortstacks* are the only acceptable fetish but you don't sexo the Hato also its not Hatturday, sus thread.
Man this new delete time needs trick room.

this pokemon is hilarious. i love her.

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it also simultaneously evokes both a witch, and Rapunzel in her tower.




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It's like the human disguise from invader zim lol

>you don't sexo the Hato
i do as i please

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Ayyy LMHatO

Feyyy LMAO

>get Hatt
>live with the constant fear of getting mauled
Why are you faggots.like this?

Just be quiet doofus

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why are you such a noisy baboon?

Honestly glad she’s a bit of a “failed” waifumon, when she first came out I liked her purely because I love witches, love witch hats, and her quiet, mostly emotionless personality was really neat to me, and I hated that people were gonna think I wanted to fuck it because some people can’t see a remotely feminine design without stapling huge tits to it’s chest and calling it a wife

it's not just noise, you can't be any emotional state but calm.
even if you bottle your emotions she still gets mad about them.

i feel this. I aesthetically like lucario. I hate every other lucario liker, because they're all just horny furries. I don't even understand what's supposed to be attractive.

Weak. Your kind will be the first to die.