Dude old pokemon games are so unfair so many pokemon have bad level up movesets and tms are not infinite

>dude old pokemon games are so unfair so many pokemon have bad level up movesets and tms are not infinite

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Nearly everything had shitty movepools so it all evens out.

TMs being a ressource rather than endlessly usable actually was a good thing. They should just give you permanent versions of all your TMs for the end game.

>it's a "game only has one earthquake TM in the entire game so you need to replay a different cart to get another one" episode
I think that was the last time TM breeding was relevant. You needed one earthquake TM per egg group. Brutal.

They should just open more TMs the more badges you have and make them affordable but still expensive (from 3k to 9k). This way you can keep MTs infinite, balance them by just giving you the shitty ones during the early game and still encourage exploration by making you look out for them in the game before they are available in the shops.
To avoid unlocking them and then finding another copy in a cave which makes the whole exploration useless, shops should not only check your badges but also if you found that TM before making it available for buying.

TMs being finite resources and Pokemon being limited in what they can do was actually a good thing. What's the point of having almost 1k different creatures if you'll always use the same, "best" moves because they all learn them all?

People stopped treating Pokemon like an adventure game and now treat it more like Animal Crossing, a game all about customisation with as many possibilities as possible. Which is why now every route is full of two dozen different pokes.
I mean, I guess it is a valid direktion to go in, but I think it robs the games of their mechanical flavour - flavour now being derived from story, character design and cut scenes rather.

The thing is... with how barren the world in current Pokemon games is, it's not really an Animal Crossing-like game and there's no story, characters or cut scenes worth any attention, either.
While old Pokemon games were not some higher forms of art, GF castrated this series from anything even so slightly remarkable about this series and left it with nothing.

>it's not really an Animal Crossing-like game
By that I meant your team. You can customize your team in all kinds of ways and have a diverse team of six before reaching the second gym nowadays.

>and there's no story, characters or cut scenes worth any attention, either.
Yeah, the story, characters and cut scenes are all shit. But a lot of people have low enough standards to like them.

Permanent TMs was dope, especially for competitive, all of you are boomer fags.

It's a terrible idea from a single-player perspective. SwSh had the right idea with permanent TMs and single-use TRs.

Pretending that Pokemon is good competitive game is a mass cope among fans of this series of shitty games, eh?
They bastardized single-player experience for something that will never work because battle mechanics in Pokemon are unsuitable for healthy, competitive pvp. But a good doggie will swallow everything. You probably also believe in every word said by Merrick, right?
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pokemon fans when rpgs have item management

you can’t bastardize something that was never good

Prime example of how nostalgiafags will defend literally anything if it was in their precious childhood games

Prime example of faggot that will defend literally anything if it's change made by their precious, precious company for their precious, precious brand.
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>le game was... le never good!
retarded argument from an even more retarded poster

What is wrong with the game including some ressource management?

>user can only beat NPCs and not real people

If you want an entirely single player experience, go and play SMT or some cringe Dark Rising bullshit. It's not GFs fault you suck at this game.

The competitive scenes are the reason Pokemon is still relevant at all, there are no other games like it. The RPG aspect has always been dogshit. Don't knock good QoL because you have shit taste in games.

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Okay, where I am supposed to play competitive then?
>the games
Cool, so I can play a bunch of kids and Brazilians with terrible Internet? And it ends up being easier than your average romhack anyway.
Ah yes a pedo tranny groomer infested shithole where the moderators will outright stalk you and I'm forced to use stall tactics and shit like Landorus and Toxapex? Yeah, no.
>well you can go to le heckin tournament!
Even worse than Showdown when it comes to the trannies, worse than Showdown when it comes to using exclusively Pokemon I hate, and I have to leave the comfort of my house to pay a large sum of money so I can play against a whole bunch of hacked mons that I don't care with my own hacked mons I don't care for.

If I'm going to play """"competitive"""'" I'm going to enjoy it in the casual company of friends (who are better than most competitive players), not the faggot multiplayer with strangers options. And I'm certainly not going to want the obese pedo troons to be catered to over the people who actually play the games.

You've obviously never tried any of these avenues lol. Sucks how autism holds people back, eh?